Career Opportunities

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Search and CIS Candidates: Submit your application from within your agencies database.

Everybody Else: Apply here

Good Luck with your search!

TIMELINE (for 2017-18 school year openings)  

October 1, 2016  - First wave of openings posted on JIS website, Search Associates and CIS. Please apply as soon as possible. Applications are reviewed as fast as they roll in.  JIS hires over 2/3 of its faculty in October and November.

December 2016 -Second wave of postings after JIS contracts are returned.

January 2017- JIS is scheduled to visit the fairs listed below. Our plans will change depending on our success in October, November and December.

July 2017 - Arrive in Jakarta! 

Recruitment Fair Location
Search - January 3-6 Melbourne
Search - January 8-11 Bangkok
Search - January 13-16 London




  • We discourage open applications, as they pile up faster than they can be given the time they deserve. 
  • If you have a friend at JIS, have them put in a word for you, it helps.     

Nick Kent

Deputy Head of School for Learning