Terms and Conditions

All enrolled families must agree to the JIS policies. Policies specific to grade levels can be viewed within the JIS application form and Student Handbooks. 

Child Wellness Covenant and Child Safeguarding Policy

Day Field Trip Policy: 

We authorize our child(ren’s) participation on all day field trips for experiential learning purposes in accordance with the conditions set out in the School’s Parental Annual Consent Form. We will be notified when such trips take place, and overnight and/or high risk trips will require physical signature of a similar form for each trip as a condition of participation.

Sharing and Privacy Policy

As a member of the JIS Community, my child’s photographs, images, quotations and work products may be used in accordance with this policy. As a member of that community, we hereby agree to abide by this policy before sharing or publishing any digital information about any member of the JIS community. We also acknowledge that JIS cannot be held responsible for unauthorized sharing of digital data by a member of the JIS community.

Financial Policy: 

We accept that we have a duty to ensure that our financial obligations to the school are discharged promptly (even if we are sponsored by our employer). Late payment of fees will result in penalty interest and may result in the withholding of enrollment, reports, and annual transcripts. Failure to respond to requests for settlement of late fees may result in my child(ren) being suspended from school.

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