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JIS Academy and the Community Sports programs stimulate a life-long love of learning through a wide selection of exceptional, high interest, individual enrichment courses. We offer year-round activities, classes and holiday camps taught by expat and local experts for elementary, middle & high school students and adults. 

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Semester Two - 2016/2017

The JIS Academy and Community Sports are happy to offer another semester of enriching academic, fitness, artistic and sporting activities for students of all ages, including adults! 

Below are the registration details for JIS Academy, Community Sports and Teacher-Led Activities. Please read carefully.

Registration starting dates

Mon, Dec 5 at 10:00 AM: JIS Academy Activities & Teacher Led Q3-Q4 (PEL All Grades, JIS Only)
Mon, Dec 5 at 1:00 PM: JIS Academy Activities & Teacher Led Q3-Q4 (PIE EY2 - Grade 2, JIS Only)
Tue, Dec 6 at 10:00 AM: JIS Academy Activities & Teacher-Led Q3-Q4 (PIE Grades 3-5, JIS Only)
Wed, Dec 7 at 10:00 AM: Community Sports (all grades) , JIS Academy Activities (MS, HS, Adults) and all Non - JIS.

The dates are staggered to reduce the strain on the systems . Online Browsing will be made available on Friday, December 2 at 12:00 PM

Registration ending dates

Tue, Dec 13 at 12:00 AM: JIS Academy Activities & Teacher Led Q3-Q4 (JIS & Non JIS PIE & PEL All Grades)
Wed, Dec 14 at 12:00 AM: Community Sports (All grades) , JIS Academy activities (JIS & Non JIS MS, HS, Adults)

After December 14 registration is accepted via email and phone if there are still spots available. Contact the Community Sports Office or the JIS Academy Office for late registration (see contacts below). PIE and PEL late registrants will not have access to the late bus during the first week of activities.

Activities Starting and Ending Dates

All activities will start the week of January 16, end by May 19. Please contact Head coaches of Community Sports if trials are necessary before the starting date. See contact info of each sport at the bottom of this page.

GoForIt250.pngBefore Registering

  • 3D Secure Credit Cards – be sure you update your information with your bank. They need your current mobile number so that you can receive a verification code.
  • You may need to contact your credit card company ahead of time to let them know you will be doing a transaction in Indonesia.
  • Please try to register online FIRST before contacting the Community Sports or JIS Academy staff. We have a small staff and are very busy at this time.
  • Please carefully read the Refund Policy on the invoice. We will strictly abide by this policy.

Contact Info –Contact the Right People for Assistance!

Non-Community Sport Contacts

  • JIS Academy: jisacademy@jisedu.or.id (021) 769-2555 ext 20110
  • Teacher-Led Activities PIE (JIS Only): eleavitt@jisedu.or.id
  • Teacher-Led Activities PEL (JIS Only): jhedges@jisedu.or.id
  • Religion class information (JIS Only): dvusparatih@jisedu.or.id

Community Sports Contacts

  • Community Sports Office: communitysports@jisedu.or.id (021) 769-2555 ext 73108
  • AquaDragons and Learn to Swim: headcoach@jakartaaquadragons.com
  • Badminton (CIL): bulutangkis.at.jis@gmail.com
  • Badminton (PEL): pel.bulutangkis@gmail.com
  • Soccer: soccer.at.jis@gmail.com
  • Girls basketball: girlsbasketball.at.jis@gmail.com
  • Boys basketball: boysbasketball.at.jis@gmail.com
  • Volleyball: volleyball.at.jis@gmail.com
  • Baseball: jakarta.youth.baseball@gmail.com
  • Supreme Gymnastics (PIE): supremegympie@gmail.com
  • Supereme Gymnastics (PEL): supremegympel@gmail.com
  • Rugby: komodos.jrrugby@gmail.com


Links to register Summer program will be made active on March 13.

  • JIS Families
  • Non-JIS Families