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Best for the World

We learn in Indonesia to be Best for the World. Find out how you can join the JIS community today!

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Find Your Passion

At JIS, finding your passion and the interests that make you unique is part of the program.

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Where We Learn

The facilities at JIS were designed with one goal: creating the best learning environment for our students.

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Learning is What We Do

At JIS, we prepare students from across the globe to be the best in what they aspire for while being Best for the World they live in.

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At JIS, we prepare students from across the globe to be best in what they aspire for and at the same time, be best for the world they live in.

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Get to Know JIS

JIS is more than an international school in Jakarta; it’s a community with over 70 years of history and student excellence.


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Where JIS Students Go

99% of JIS graduates choose to attend University after graduation. Students are empowered to find the University that is right for them. JIS students can be found at large and small higher education universities all over the world.

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At Jakarta Intercultural School, students are challenged to be reflective and creative
To have experiences that instill resilience and resourcefulness
While relating to the people and community around them as they grow
To be lifelong learners, leaders, and Best for the World they live in

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Life at JIS

Students at JIS love to learn, have fun, and discover new passions on our beautiful, spacious, and state-of-the-art campuses.


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Community Voices

JIS is a diverse community that includes not only our students and faculty and staff, but parents and alumni too. Listen to what our community has to say about their JIS experience.


What do you want people to know about JIS?


What positive influence has JIS had on your child?


What would you tell people about JIS community?


How was your experience as a student at JIS?