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“JIS is much more than a mere school, but resembles more of an extension of the home, a culture, or a community. JIS satisfies its responsibility both to internationalism and to Indonesian culture, and produces students of high character through its values. There is no school like JIS in this area, perhaps even in the world, and I will never forget what I have learned at this school.“ more...

Jacob Standa
Class of 2017

“[Our daughters] have both, in accordance with JIS’ mission, learnt to be best for the world. It is not just theory, not just words. All of these qualities, JIS’s values and dispositions, are tools our daughters carry within. They know what they mean, they know that they have them, and they know these are strengths that will help them face the world, wherever life takes them.” more...

Claudia Landazabal
Former Parent 2012-2017