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In July of 2021, the Board of Trustees unanimously approved the appointment of Maya Nelson as Interim Head of School for Jakarta Intercultural School. Maya enters the position with over three decades of educational experience, most recently as the Deputy Head of School at Jakarta Intercultural School. She is the first JIS Alumna to hold this position.

A Message From Our Interim Head of School

Dear JIS Community/Dear Dragons,

It is my great honor to be serving JIS students and the entire Dragon community as your Interim Head of School. I’ve had the pleasure of filling several roles during my many years at JIS: teacher, Elementary School Principal, and Deputy Head of School. But at heart, I am a JIS alumna and a proud JIS parent. 

My journey so far as a lifelong learner and international educator grew from the indelible experiences I received from JIS. I remember the many enriching lessons and activities, the service projects, the experiential learning both on campus and off and the talented teachers who supported my development as a student many decades ago in the inclusive classrooms of this school. 

My passion for the study of neurodiversities and inclusive education took root here with the invaluable service-learning projects that opened my eyes to the needs of others. I am thrilled to have come full circle and back to JIS and Jakarta to be part of this multicultural Dragon family once again.

JIS is a unique community. Not only does JIS provide a stellar education, but its motto of being Best for the World reflects a broader, forward-thinking mission of inspiring positive changes and making a difference both in and outside of school.

Time and time again, people who have connected with JIS speak to the kindness, compassion, and care that this community demonstrates. I have always admired and been so proud of how JIS Dragons support one another and others in need during challenging times. 

It is a privilege for me now to be Interim Head of School, and I will do my utmost to ensure that JIS continues to thrive, promote rigorous and joyful learning, and develop each child to their fullest potential.

Interim Head of School
Maya Nelson

A Message From Board of Trustees

July 21, 2021

Dear JIS Community,

The Board has unanimously ratified the appointment of Maya Nelson as Interim Head of School. Maya has been an invaluable member of the Administrative Team since she joined us in 2018. Maya served as our Deputy Head of School this last year. Prior to this, she served as the Principal of both Pondok Indah and Pattimura Elementary (2018-2020). Maya has a distinguished career in education, having served as a teacher, a Student Services Director, and a Principal in various schools in both the United States and Asia (American School in Japan, Taipei American School, Hong Kong International School). Most importantly, Maya is a strong advocate for students. As an alumna, she understands our school and Indonesia from her years at JIS as a student, a teacher, a parent of a recent graduate, and most recently, a senior administrator. 

We are confident that under the strong leadership of the Administrative Team and the expertise of our faculty, we will continue to thrive while navigating the challenges ahead and putting into place the very best educational program possible. 

On behalf of the Board of Trustees,

Phil Rickard
Chairman of the Board

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