Parent Volunteer Organizations

When you choose a school for your children, you are really choosing a community. For parents and students alike, JIS is where strong friendships are built and countless memories happen.

Parent engagement takes many forms. You could run a cooking class, read a book at Story Hour, volunteer with JIS Peduli, chaperone a field trip or be a room parent in Elementary. If you’ve got older children, be present at a parent run facility, organize a luncheon, support a home game or enjoy one of our weekly student concerts or performance. You can also get involved in a more structured way through specific parent organizations at the school.

If you like being active, come enjoy sports facilities unparalleled in Indonesia. Participate in community sports for parents and faculty, from baseball to volleyball. All are available at no cost to the JIS community.

You can also just enjoy the green, open spaces of our 36-acre campus, surrounded by century-old tropical trees and blooming flowers.

Your engagement is encouraged, but it is not mandatory. With countless ways to be immersed in the JIS community, we are sure you will find your niche at JIS.

Our doors are open. You are welcome. You are wanted.

For general information & feedback:

At JIS we don’t just welcome you on campus, we value and encourage your presence.

Dahlia  Asmat, PTA President and parents of  William Grade 9, Kahlila Grade 7,  Naila Grade 5

Parent Teacher Association

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The PTA is an organization of parents and teachers dedicated to serving students and families in the JIS community. The PTA consists of an umbrella called School-Wide PTA (S-W PTA) and a PTA organization for each campus (Campus PTA) – High School (HS), Middle School (MS), Pattimura Elementary School (PEL) and Pondok Indah Elementary (PIE). S-W PTA is the governing body of the four Campus PTAs.

As the parent or guardian of a JIS student or as a teacher at JIS, you’re automatically a full member of the JIS PTA. You are warmly invited to live this membership by attending any PTA meetings, events, and to participate in all that the PTA has to offer.

All are welcome to volunteer at the PTA; there are many positions that might suit your interests and availability. Contact one of the PTA officers at your Campus PTAs or at the School-Wide PTA – they’ll be happy to speak with you. Parents are suggested to volunteer at the Campus PTAs where their child(ren) attend, while School-Wide PTA welcomes and encourages parent volunteers from all grade-levels.

  • Pondok Indah Elementary Campus:
  • Pattimura Elementary Campus:
  • Middle School Campus:
  • High School Campus:
  • School-Wide:

The PTA aims to help make JIS a rewarding and enjoyable experience for our families and kids!

Parent Welcome

Parent Welcome

Selamat datang di JIS (Welcome to JIS) from the Parent Welcome team.

We are comprised of parents from various cultural backgrounds who have all moved internationally with their families, and we are here to assist you in adjusting to your new life at JIS and in Jakarta.

Parent Welcome organizes various events and excursions, which are open to everyone, throughout the year, as well as Weekly Friday Coffee Mornings from 9:00 - 11:00 AM at the Parent Lounge in front of the Fine Arts Theater (FAT) at the Cilandak Campus (enter through Terogong Gate).

Come and join us at PW events and excursions such as:

  • New Parents Welcome Coffee Mornings
  • Grocery Shopping Trips
  • Tech Help Workshops (JISNet and other JIS systems)
  • Expat Transition Talks
  • Health Talks
  • Travel Talks
  • Discover Jakarta Cultural Excursions
  • Luncheon & Social Evenings

Once you receive your “JISNet” (Online Community Portal) account please visit the School-Wide / Parent Volunteer Organization (PVO) pages to learn more about us. 

You can find us on Fridays from 9:00 - 11:00 AM at the Parent Lounge or write to us

  • For All campuses:
  • For PIE campus:

Looking forward to meeting you, JIS Parent Welcome team

The Booster CLub

The Booster Club

The JIS Parents’ Booster Club, (popularly known as The Booster) supports IASAS, varsity sports and non-academic activities that promote the JIS Dragon Spirit.

The Booster operates the Booster Hut at the Cilandak campus, which is open Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM - 3:15 PM on most school days.

The Booster Hut offers PE and sport uniforms, JIS Spiritwear and merchandise, healthy food options, grab-and-go meals and home baked treats. All profits from the Booster Hut go towards supporting The Booster’s mission.

Booster Hut volunteers are needed on a bi-weekly basis to help with the running of the Hut in either the morning or afternoon. We are always looking for volunteers and it is a great way to meet new people and interact with our students. Volunteer opportunities are open to Middle School and High School parents, we would love to have you!

Please email if interested or with any questions.



From Moms to Kids... D’Toko is a community store selling school supplies, together with hot meals, snacks and beverages to middle school and high school students, staff and faculty members since 2005. We are located in the Middle School campus. Staffed entirely by parent volunteers from middle and high school, D’Toko is well regarded and appreciated school-wide for its excellent food service provided in an efficient and timely manner.  
The key points of DToko’s operations are:
  • Middle and high school students are served daily from 7:30 AM - 3:00 PM. Hot breakfast and lunch items are available daily. As much as possible, emphasis is put on healthier foods and snacks.
  • Home-cooked meals, provided to D’Toko by mom cooks, hold a big place in D’Toko.
  • In accordance with D’Toko’s philosophy of healthier eating, foods and beverages deemed healthy by D’Toko, like fresh fruits and salads and different varieties of milks and yoghurts, are sold at lower prices.
  • D’Toko operates a staggered system of controlled sales throughout the school day, with particular reference to middle school children. Home-baked goods, not served until the third break; chips are available only after school.
  • School activities at both middle and high school levels, as well as external worthy causes and charities are supported and sponsored through ad hoc donations.
  • D’Toko shows appreciation to its students every semester by holding “free food” days.
  • Ingredients for food sold at D’Toko are sourced from reputable and established stores and outlets in Jakarta.
D’Toko is a not-for-profit entity. Our philosophy is to give back to the students as much as we possibly can. We heavily subsidize the healthy food that we sell such as fresh green salads, milk, and fresh fruit salad.



Managed and operated by parent volunteers, the Checkpoint Lost & Found provides the following services to both MS and HS students: Checkpoint serves as a safe place for students to leave their valuables and their bulky or heavy belongings during school day.

Checkpoint serves as a centralized department for lost and found items for the MS and HS campuses. Volunteers also send out emails and text messages to the rightful owner if the item found has a labeled owner on it.

The Checkpoint is located adjacent to the Booster Hut on the Cilandak campus. Opening hours are 7:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Mondays to Fridays. The Checkpoint is closed during school holidays.

You can reach the Checkpoint desk at JIS extension 40345. For emergencies after school hours, please call the Facilities Help Desk (ext 77777) or the Security Communications Center (ext 77700).

Checkpoint is always looking for people to help out. Volunteering at Checkpoint also allows you to meet other parents and stay engaged in the school community.

If you are interested, please email the Checkpoint Managers at

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