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Episode 20: Get Moving, Physical Fitness During the Pandemic

This episode of the JIS Podcast is all about physical fitness, and when it comes to athletics in education, there’s no one better to speak to than JIS Athletics Coordinator Jake Stockman. He joins our host, Middle and High School Curriculum Coordinator Joanna Sommers, in a discussion about exercising during the pandemic, his own personal journey as an international educator, and the future of athletics at JIS.

How does physical education apply to Early Childhood Education? How can parents motivate their children to get moving and exercise? What can we all do to maintain our physical fitness during the pandemic? Listen to this episode of the JIS Podcast to find out!

Episode 19: A Head for International Education with Dr. Tarek Razik

Welcome back to the JIS Podcast, where we talk about the latest innovations in 21st-Century Education, and living and learning in Indonesia to be Best for the World.

In this episode, we have a very special guest speaking to host Joanne Sommers about his over 30-year career in international education and the important role he now plays at Jakarta Intercultural School. Please welcome, JIS Head of School, Dr. Tarek Razik!

Listen as Dr. Razik gets candid about his early years as a teacher and his life-changing decision to move from the United States in search of new teaching experiences abroad. He also shares with us some of the most challenging aspects of working and living in a new country, an update on JIS’s current accreditation process and what it means for the school, and where the Dragon community is heading with a new strategic plan and the JIS 2.0 Learning Model.

Episode 18: The Art and Science of Education With Dan Machacek

Get ready to take a deep dive into the art and science of teaching and learning at JIS, with Middle School Assistant Principal Dan Machacek as our knowledgeable guide. Join us for an episode of the JIS Podcast that explores the fundamentals of education which take place behind the scenes and often go unnoticed, such as assessment principles and practices, re-accreditation, strategic planning, and the role of professional learning communities (PLC).

How do PLCs support teaching and learning at JIS as a collaborative community? What does it mean to be a learning-focused school? And how is the re-accreditation process a much-needed “disruptor”? Listen to this fascinating discussion to find out!

About the Host


Joanna Sommers is the Middle and High School Curriculum Coordinator at Jakarta Intercultural School. This is her 16th year in education and she holds a Master of Education (International Baccalaureate) from the University of Melbourne. She has taught a range of subjects, including IB History, Legal Studies, Social Studies, English, and Religious Education to students in every grade level, from six through to post-graduate masters students. 

Joanna has taught in Australia, Abu Dhabi and now Indonesia. She has a particular interest in concept-based education and loves the diversity that international schools bring to learning opportunities in the classroom. She is joined here in Jakarta by her husband Mark (who teaches Grade 8 English at JIS) and her three young sons Finn, Alfie, and Ned.