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Different schools offer different things. Jakarta Intercultural School will offer you the best opportunities on many levels — including generous resources to support your career and lifestyle in a city that is as edgy and hectic as it is wonderful and diverse. The savings potential in our package allows you to spend more time exploring the riches of this region than budgeting for taxes or next month's expenses. 

What JIS supports most passionately is the learner in you who wants to grow, collaborate, rethink, excel, and stretch beyond your personal and professional experiences. We’ve created a culture of professional learning that includes embedded training, vibrant professional learning communities, the support of learning coaches, and ample opportunities to attend global and local conferences.

The connections between faculty, students, parents, and the Indonesian people make a positive imprint on JIS teachers for the rest of their careers. Ask around about JIS, and you will hear the stories from our current and former colleagues who will gladly fill you in on the details.

We're hiring!

We are hiring for several positions from administrators and teachers to teaching assistants. We are also looking to add substitute teachers to our team. If you are in Jakarta and meet the requirements, learn more and send in your application today! 

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Why Jakarta?

Jakarta is a true Southeast Asian city and one of the most diverse places in the world. Jakarta is at the heart of a nation that comprises over 300 ethnic groups with their own languages and cuisines across its more than 17,000 tropical islands. There is no shortage of culture to explore from gamelan music to Batik design and history. Jakarta is only a short way from the best diving in the world, biodiverse jungle treks, and opportunities to see animals, marine life, and birds that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. 

Jakarta is also a popular hub to visit the rest of the region with regular flights to Bali, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul and more. Jakarta is a gateway to exploration within the borders of Indonesia and outside of it. As a member of the JIS community you will have access to advice and tips from hundreds of people about how to best take advantage of this distinct city. 

Students playing gamelan

Bromo Crater Sunrise, Credit: JIS Teacher David White

Students learning about Wayang shows

Mioskon Reef, Raja Ampat, Credit: JIS Teacher Scotty Graham

Saman Dance performance

Orangutan in Kalimantan, Credit: JIS Teacher David White

Pulau Kri, Raja Ampat, Credit: JIS Teacher Scotty Graham

Prambanan Temple, Credit: JIS Teacher Scotty Graham

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Work Close to Home

JIS offers many employment opportunities for Indonesian nationals. From assistant teaching positions to IT and communications to human resources and graphic design, there is a place for every talented individual at our vibrant, multicultural school. We encourage you to explore any available positions below and join our professional community today!

Why Work at JIS?

The administration is extremely supportive when it comes to professional development, they really support teachers who want to continue to grow professionally. It helped me to become a better teacher and I am thankful.

Michael Cali
High School Dance Teacher

As a graduate of the school and my home for the last twenty years, JIS is the only place where I've felt normal and special at the same time.

Yuichiro Hara
High School English Teacher

JIS is loaded with adventure both in school and out. You will meet a diverse population of incredible individuals who will inspire you to teach, learn and travel to remote destinations. The world's best hiking, diving and surfing are all a flight or boat ride away!

Nicola Hennessy
EAL Teacher

Job Openings

Our openings will remain advertised until we find our perfect candidate! Thanks for your interest.