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Apple Distinguished School

We’re pleased to be recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for ten years for our Apple one-to-one program.

This program is thriving and empowers students to personalize and creatively express their learning. 

As shown below, research indicates this commitment to continuous innovation, the purposeful use of Apple technology, and open collaboration, allowing our school to thrive through these difficult times. 


The mission, vision, and values of JIS guide the school in its decision-making.


of JIS faculty, students, and parents “Strongly Agree” or “Agree” with this statement. (November 2020)


The school environment supports students' learning and well-being.


of JIS faculty, students, and parents “Strongly Agree” or “Agree” with this statement. (November 2020)


The school's technology systems enable effective teaching and learning to take place.


of JIS faculty, students, and parents “Strongly Agree” or “Agree” with this statement.  (November 2020)

What’s Next

The school is helping me/my students/my child understand how to develop as a global citizen.


of JIS faculty, students, and parents “Strongly Agree” or “Agree” with this statement. (November 2020)


1,988 students
300 faculty
Private Coeducational
EY1 - Grade 12

Apple Products and Services

  • In grades 3 to 5, every student receives an iPad. In grades 6 to 12, every student receives an MacBook Air.
  • Every faculty member receives a MacBook Pro. Those who teach elementary students also receive an iPad.
  • Every classroom features robust wifi, Apple TV, and a projector or large television.
  • Our digital arts students utilize three iMac multimedia studios featuring Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, and other editing tools.
  • Our campus hosts an Apple Reseller and Service Provider. 


Our vision guides everything we do: passionate, inquisitive and creative – learning in Indonesia to be best for the world. We value perseverance, integrity, responsibility, respect, compassion, balance and fun. We inspire joyful, rigorous learning as a pioneering, inclusive and collaborative community.

When we started online learning, it was overwhelming, and yet became an opportunity to rethink learning and how we leverage Apple technology. We embraced hard work and developed strategies to create an online environment enabling community connections. This mindset makes JIS a special place. Our commitment to our vision creates success for all our learners. In turn, we have discovered new possibilities with distance learning and digital resources. As our world begins healing, we are excited with new opportunities. 




By embracing the JIS vision, our resilient community has succeeded and thrived through more than a year of home/online learning.

We openly communicate with faculty, students, and parents new information, changing procedures, and, most importantly, we solicit feedback through town hall meetings, surveys, and via personal conversations to ensure voices are heard and teachers and learners have everything needed to continue connecting and collaborating whether it is in person, online, or a combination of both.  

Through open communication tools such as "The JIS Podcast" on Apple Podcasts, we connect with our worldwide learning community, ensure voices are heard, and use data meaningfully in our decisions. These connections have been vital as we strive to monitor the emotional and academic health of our students and teachers and adapt and enhance our online programs in ways that foster kindness, empathy, and compassion for everyone.   



We are proud learning has never stopped at JIS despite the global pandemic. At first, it was disruptive and overwhelming, and yet it became an incredible opportunity for our school to rethink how students can continue to learn despite these obstacles.

Today we direct resources to gain access and understanding with a new arsenal of digital tools that connects our community via MacBooks and iPads in synchronous and asynchronous learning environments.

Teachers appreciate how their Apple devices give them the means to seamlessly integrate online and face-to-face learning. We connect with our students and colleagues via teleconferencing software. We research personal interests with incredible digital resources via our library's database collection. We learn from several guest speakers and in numerous fields.

No matter if it is taking notes, building slideshows with Keynote, and writing traditional papers with simple online collaborative software, or it is working in teams to create elaborate multimedia presentations and video with Pages, Clips, GarageBand, iMovie and Final Cut Pro, Apple connectivity keeps us fused across distances even beyond Indonesia. All of this equates to an environment where collaboration and creativity are at the forefront of learning.

Simply stated, the seamless integration between our MacBooks, iPads, network, and other devices has enabled us to deliver a home and online learning program that absolutely encourages the sort collaboration, creativity, and connections JIS values. These connections strengthen our learning experiences and make every day at JIS memorable.

A JIS Middle School student working on a robot using his laptop


What's Next

At JIS we understand our world demands embracing change and progress, learning, and adaptation never stop. We are already preparing to transition to whatever comes next for our school as the world begins to recover. We are trialing, growing, experimenting, succeeding, and even making mistakes. We know change and  learning can sometimes be messy, but we perservere with a positive mindset and gratitude for the opportunity to discover and grow.

Apple products have already enabled us to stay connected and continue to collaborate wherever we are in the world. In turn, they are proving crucial in our STEAM Center, the new High School Collaboration Hub, and connecting with local businesses, NGO’s and community organizations in the new JIS Studio program.