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Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision guide everything that we do from how we learn to the dispositions that JIS students gain while at our school.

First page of the PDF file: JIS-Mission-Statement

How do we define learning?

Learning is a lifelong process that transforms us through rigorous engagement in meaningful experiences. At JIS, quality learning happens when students are resourceful, resilient, relating, and reflective. We call these the 4 Rs.

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Strategic Plan

To be the best school, we work at growing, engage in self-study, and develop a new strategic plan every five years.


Shared Learning and Pedagogical Approaches

At JIS we strive to:

  • cultivate a safe, inclusive, and empowering learning environment that supports all learners’ emotional, social and cognitive development
  • use the backward-by-design planning model 

  • design materials and assessments that are situated in meaningful contexts

  • explore a variety of resources to foster and enhance learning

  • expose students to varied learning experiences to build resilience

  • make lesson goals clear

  • regularly assess students to determine their current level of understanding/performance in order to prepare next steps

  • accommodate student needs by differentiating instruction and offering multiple modes of assessment

  • give feedback that is aligned with learning goals

  • ask questions and provide meaningful experiences that allow students to apply their learning 

  • challenge students’ misconceptions

  • promote associations between learning and the transfer of  learning

  • model, provide exemplars, and scaffold learning to give students enough information to help them acquire concepts

  • provide students with methods and approaches to consider how they learn and to choose relevant strategies for effective learning

  • provide opportunities for each student to personalize their learning and explore their passions

  • ensure students are working to expand their comfort zone and support cognitive struggle by differentiating learning experiences