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Welcome to the JIS Blog! This is a collaborative space for the entire Dragon community; a place where we can share our stories and experiences about learning and living in Indonesia.



How Does Transitioning Differ Between Grade Levels? (Grade 8 to 9)
  • Student Perspective

Transitioning between different grade levels, especially in high school, can be daunting for many students. With increasing academic responsibility and logistical concerns about where things are and how things work, making a successful transition is linked with some apprehension. However, we can reduce feelings of unease through time and experience.

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Dragon Memories: My Return to Jakarta, Dan Rickard (Class of 1988)
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My name is Dan Rickard and I graduated from JIS in 1988. As I write this, I am currently at one of the many new hotels that have sprung up in Jakarta and watching a thunderstorm roll through the city. You can feel the rain in the air, and I know that any minute the skies will open, and it will be like standing under a warm shower.

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JIS Dancers 'Dare to Lead' in Collaborative Performance 
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Jakarta Intercultural School’s (JIS) Fine Arts Theater (FAT) hosted its first live show in over two years on Friday, September 2, when IB Dance students graced the stage with a collaborative performance titled Dare to Lead. Inspired by our school values of upholding Integrity and Responsibility, Dare to Lead was choreographed by JIS High School Dance Teacher Michael Cali and two guest dancers from Italy’s Grupo Danza Oggi (GDO), Monica Castorina and Giovanni Belluci.

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More than ten JIS elementary students hold Indonesia's flag craft
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Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) students spent their first full week of the 2022/23 academic year paying tribute to our host country with a series of Independence Day celebrations! Indonesia marked its 77th year of independence on Wednesday, August 17, but JIS dedicated the days before and after to community-building, fun-filled activities demonstrating our deep ties to and appreciation for this beautiful archipelago we call home.

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JIS Learning Center: Keeping Families Together Through Inclusive Education
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At Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS), inclusion has been part of its expansive academic program since the inception of a Student Services department in the 1980s. Today, the team of experienced special needs educators serves children who require mild to moderate support, including for speech, reading and writing difficulties, math and processing needs, as well as motor therapy.

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Meeting Different Learning Needs
  • Community

No two children are alike, and this is especially true for the way they learn and develop their foundational skills. While most will be able to follow the developmental milestones of their age group at their own pace, some may need additional support and attention. Thanks to critical advancements made in special education, schools are making more room in their curriculum to cater to students with various learning differences.

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Staying Fit During the Pandemic
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Educators have long emphasized the importance of physical education (PE) and sports in providing a comprehensive learning experience for students, with research proving they greatly contribute to higher academic achievement and social-emotional development. But the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent shift to online learning meant that many schools have had to cut back on their sports programs or suspend them altogether. 

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