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Early Years

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Early Years

The JIS Early Years program was designed to bring out the inquirer in each and every student and introduce them to a love of learning.

The JIS Early Years and Kindergarten Program is an atmosphere of wonder, care, exploration and growth.

It isn't long before a love of learning starts to grow within each student. When children are respected for who they are and their learning journeys are valued, they will excel at school and at home. This is the time when they first start to build friendships on their own, and begin to develop passions and interests — and their individuality and personality shines.

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Our Curriculum

We recognize that the Early Years and Kindergarten Period (ages 3-6) as pivotal in building a foundation for the educational life of our students. We center our curriculum around an inquiry approach to learning that is well-researched and based on best teaching practices from around the world. Here is where it all starts — growing curiosity and the love of learning!

Student and Family Experience

  • We value the home-school connection. We see you, JIS parents, as partners in your student's education. Your input is valuable and we work together to support learning.

  • Our highly qualified teaching staff looks after student wellbeing and ensures their first experience away from home is safe and comfortable.

  • Every child is a unique student, so we personalize the learning experience to tailor their needs.

Each Child Is Unique

Each child is unique and is a competent learner with an innate curiosity about the world. It is our role as educators to provide a safe and nurturing environment for them to explore those curiosities and begin to develop a love of learning that they will build on for the remainder of their lives.

Young children learn best through direct experiences with the world rather than through abstract and formal academic practices. The JIS Early Years and Kindergarten Program is supported by qualified, expert educators who guide young children in their acquisition of knowledge and their development of content, skills, and attitudes, preparing them for elementary school.

Our program supports students during their educational and personal journeys, helping them to discover what they are capable of and identify how they will contribute to a global society. The JIS Early Years and Kindergarten Program reflects our commitment to an international community where cross-cultural awareness promotes respect for all individuals.

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Visit Us

Visit one of our campuses for a tour to see if JIS is the right Early Years and Kindergarten Program for your child.


Community of Care

We have a commitment to making sure that each student is appropriately supported and cared for. This commitment goes beyond the classroom and looks after students’ physical and mental wellbeing. As a school, we share this responsibility within a Community of Care.

We seek to promote within our students a positive outlook for life, and we help them become balanced and successful citizens, well-equipped with the ability to think critically and logically about the information they access and the decisions they make.

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Two Campuses, One School

We have two JIS campuses that offer the  Early Years and Kindergarten Program: Pattimura Elementary (PEL) and Pondok Indah Elementary (PIE). The program, faculty expertise, and learning experience at both campuses are the same. Curriculum and lesson planning are coordinated between the two campuses to ensure every JIS student is challenged academically and supported socially. 

The main difference between the two campuses is their location. During the application process, you can speak with an Admissions Officer about which campus is right for you. You can virtually tour both campuses below.

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Pondok Indah Elementary Campus

Take a 360° virtual tour to our Pondok Indah Elementary Campus. Imagine the experience your child will enjoy at our school.

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Pattimura Elementary Campus

Take a 360° virtual tour to our Pattimura Elementary Campus.