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High School

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High School

JIS High School is where students begin to explore how their passions and love of learning translate into life beyond school.

JIS students leave high school with confidence that they have the ability to succeed in whatever path they choose. 

By providing an academic program that is challenging and individualized, every student at JIS high school develops as a learner and as a person. We are committed not only to academic rigor and success, but also to preparing students for adulthood and life after high school. There is a path for every student and it is our responsibility to help students discover what is right for them. 

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Our Curriculum

JIS offers a full High School (Grades 9-12) program of studies based on the best curriculum models worldwide, which are designed to prepare students for college or university. We prepare students for life’s possibilities by placing equal emphasis on academics, the creative arts, technology, service learning and athletics.

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Learn more about our IB/AP courses. JIS students regularly perform above the global averages in all subject areas. 


High School Student Life

Students at JIS have endless opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities. Several students take part in athletic teams, performing arts productions, creative arts showcases, student led service clubs, and academic clubs. Every student in grade 9-12 participates in service activities as part of their requirement for graduation. 

Some of our students are involved in IASAS sports and clubs and represent JIS at international competitions. If there is a club not offered, students are encouraged to start their own, and many do! There is an emphasis on being part of extracurricular activities while in high school and students following their non-academic interests. This helps to create successful, balanced, well-rounded students. 

High School students are on the brink of adulthood and we make these last years before university joyful and engaging. Students plan, lead, and participate in a number of events and celebrations throughout the school year. These events are not only fun, but provide important experiences in leadership, communication, teamwork, and fiscal responsibility.

Annual events and celebrations include:

  • The Cilandak Games
  • UN Day
  • Prom
  • Careers Day
  • IASAS Competitions
  • LEAD Week
  • Musicals and Theater Productions

Our program supports students during their educational and personal journeys, helping them to discover what they are capable of and identify how they will contribute to a global society. The JIS High School reflects our commitment to an international community where cross-cultural awareness promotes a respect for all individuals.

Community of Care

We have a commitment to making sure that each student is appropriately supported and cared for. This commitment goes beyond the classroom and looking after student physical and mental wellbeing. As a school, we share this responsibility within a Community of Care.

We seek to promote within our students a positive outlook for life, and we help our students become balanced and successful citizens, well-equipped with the ability to think critically and logically about the information they access and the decisions they make.

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Every student has a counselor who will help them choose courses, support their wellness & find the best university for them.


Where JIS Students Go

JIS graduates choose to continue their education at universities all over the world.

See the Full List of University Acceptances

Are you a University or College representative? 

Each year over 250 colleges and universities from around the world come to our campus to meet with our High School students.

You can schedule a visit today!

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Where We Learn

The JIS High School campus is the perfect environment for students to learn, grow, and achieve their very best. Our world-class facilities are located within a tropical garden, filled with plants native to Indonesia. Many students spend their time between classes studying, reading, or making friends in one of our beautiful outdoor spaces. The campus facilities and what they allow students to accomplish are often the main highlights of the JIS experience.

High School Campus

Take a 360° virtual tour of our amazing High School campus and facilities.