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University & College Representatives

Thank you for your interest in visiting Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS). 

We look forward to welcoming you to our campus! University/College visits happen during student lunchtime from Monday to Thursday, from 11:40 AM to 12:20 PM.

All university visitors are provided with tables to display information and resources for students. It is possible for us to offer a university the opportunity to deliver a specific workshop (i.e. Mock Admissions Committee, How to write a successful essay, Tips on Completing Applications, Financial Aid and Scholarships) however, these workshops are generally a collaborative effort and driven by student interest, and require our counseling department’s capacity on the requested day.

If you would like to present on a particular topic, please contact Heather Hendrickx at

Schedule your University Visit

You are encouraged to book your visits through Maia Learning, if you have not previously used Maia Learning to schedule a high school visit, you can find information on how to do so here.

For university tours or large group travel, you can contact Heather Hendrickx ( to coordinate your visit.  

Thank you for your interest in visiting JIS.  We look forward to hosting you soon!