Advanced Placement (AP®) Courses for Grade 10 Students

We are further strengthening our university preparation program for high school students by opening up Advanced Placement (AP®) courses to 10th graders in the 2021/22 academic year.

Why Advanced Placement (AP®)?

The AP® is a program that is recognized and taught around the world. Its main goal is to equip students with the necessary study skills and mindset to transition into university with ease by giving them university-level materials, tasks and responsibilities.

AP® courses are academically challenging and are designed to emphasize critical thinking, research, collaboration and communication. Students who successfully complete AP® courses and pass their exams also earn college credits that can be used at American universities.

We are excited to open up the amazing academic opportunities offered by the AP® to Grade 10 students.

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At the end of my senior year, I was better able to think fast, condense knowledge in a concise manner and manage my time better in a stressful setting. As someone who found my AP classes challenging, it taught me to be resilient, ask for help constantly and seek support from my peers and friends.

Nitya, currently an economics major at Reeds College, Oregon, United States.

We want more students to benefit from the amazing academic opportunities offered by the AP. Some of the many valuable skills they can gain by starting in Grade 10 are effective time management, as well as independent learning and problem-solving.

JIS IB & AP Coordinator

Before the AP, I had a lot of bad habits; I would always leave things to the last minute and I was always under a lot of stress. But since starting the program, I began to stop these habits, the intensity of the courses pushed me to stay on top of things and has completely changed my work ethic for the better.

Grade 12