JIS Home/Online Learning Elementary School

Home and online learning in the JIS elementary school is designed to ensure continuity and continued learning for all of our students. In keeping with JIS’ commitment to teaching and learning, home and online learning experiences are developed to be relevant, meaningful, and engaging. As elementary educators, we have worked hard to find ways to support the well-being and academic development of your children within the online learning platforms. We are providing a home and online experience for your children that combines our expertise and understanding of teaching and learning, child development and the use of educational technology. We are mindful, however, of the need to implement ways to support your child’s learning at home in a developmental manner and how we best bring this, as well as, resources to you, while considering the time students spend on devices.

JIS’ elementary home and online learning framework includes a mix of educational approaches and tools that suit the learning goals as well as the learning needs of our students. This includes using varied approaches for lesson delivery, ensuring relevant, meaningful and authentic tasks and assessments, and ensuring that all teachers regularly connect with students. Elementary school teachers will use a blend of teaching strategies and asynchronous and synchronous methods to engage students with their learning; encourage class connections and maintain relationships within the learning community. The JIS elementary school experience will not be able to be fully replicated through online and home learning, though JIS is committed to ensuring that the learning experience continues to be designed and delivered well to ensure success and the growth of all students.

We recognize that home and online learning may create challenges for you and your child. We also know that it may be difficult for you to navigate the technology, tools, and schedule, and that at times, you may not be able to get to our home and online learning platform. Please just reach out and let your teachers know. Your parent partnership is key to the success of home and online learning, and we will need to rely heavily on your involvement. Please reach out should you need support and when you have questions. Our counsellors are on hand should you need to speak to someone or ask questions.

JIS is known for our community of care and connections. Today more than ever, we need to support one another, reach out virtually to others and know that this community will get through this and hopefully, find the silver linings. We are here with you and stand committed in supporting your children as best as we can. While we may be separated geographically from our students and from each other, we are still, and always will be, stronger together--truly exemplifying the JIS Core values and dispositions of being caring, resilient, resourceful and reflective.