JIS Home/Online Learning High School

The goal of home and online learning is for teachers and students to continue to access the curriculum to the best of their ability through virtual support, realistic time-bound tasks, and high-quality feedback.

During this period of home and online learning, the high school remains committed to the highest quality of teaching and learning, and to nurturing students to be best for the world. JIS’ high school home and online learning framework includes a mix of educational approaches, methods and tools that suit the learning goals and needs of our students, while at the same time are tailored to an online learning environment. This includes using varied approaches for lesson delivery, ensuring relevant, meaningful and authentic tasks and assessments, and ensuring that all teachers regularly connect with students. High school teachers will use a mix of teaching strategies through blended asynchronized and synchronized methods to engage students with their learning, encourage peer-to-peer connections and maintain relationships within the learning community. The JIS high school experience will not be able to be fully replicated through online and home learning, but JIS is committed to ensuring that the learning experience continues to be designed and delivered well to ensure success and the growth of all students. We embrace this opportunity and challenge to continue to design relevant and engaging experiences and facilitate learning in line with our JIS Core.

Throughout our institutional history, community and family have always been very important to us at JIS but never more so than now. While we may be separated geographically from our students and from each other, we are still, and always will be, stronger together--truly exemplifying the JIS Core values and dispositions of being caring, resilient, resourceful and reflective.