JIS Learning Center: A Specialized Education Program

At JIS, when we say that we strive to “Be Best for the World,” we are referring to the entire world. A world filled with people with diverse backgrounds, histories, and even learning profiles. We believe that our schools should be a reflection of society at large. 

In that spirit, we will launch the JIS Learning Center for the 2022 - 2023 year. The JIS Learning Center is comprised of intensive classrooms for students with moderate to significant learning needs. Our self-contained setting with personalized learning is targeted to meet various physical, behavioral, academic, and socio-emotional needs.


What is the JIS Learning Center?

Individualized Learning

The individualized curriculum will cover not only traditional academic areas such as reading, writing, and mathematics but also independence, life skills, and vocational skills as needed based on each child’s Individualized Learning Plan (ILP).

Specialized Support

Highly-trained faculty and staff will support students through academic interventions as well as motor and speech/language therapy.



Students are provided with the guidance and support necessary to build their personal independence.


Inclusive educational environments benefit the entire school community by cultivating a culture of belonging and acceptance of individual differences.


A school that reflects the diversity of the world develops students who are best for the world.


Self-Contained Setting

A self-contained classroom is structured to minimize distraction and increase individual attention allowing students to take advantage of the personalized, tailored approach to their education.

Class Size

Small class sizes of no more than eight students allow for individualized focus on learning needs and personalized attention for each child. In addition, our maximum teacher-to-student ratio of 1:4 gives the teacher more time to identify and work with each students’ strengths and challenges. 


All students are an integral part of our JIS community. Students in the JIS Learning Center program are included with typically developing peers to the maximum extent appropriate.



The JIS Learning Center on the JIS Podcast

Listen to a conversation with Interim Head of School Maya Nelson and Education Specialist Donise Lyons, as they go into detail about the JIS Learning Center, why inclusion is in education is important, and JIS’s student support services.


Tell me more about the JIS Learning Center

Is the JIS Learning Center program the right fit for your child?
If it sounds like it is, or if you aren't sure and want to learn more, let us know!

Admissions Process

Our comprehensive admissions process is designed to ensure this program is the right fit for your child and family. This may include meetings with parents and the applicant’s previous teachers, in-school observations, independent assessments, and a full review of all documents by our student support team.