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JIS Studio

JIS aims to meet the needs of our students in a variety of ways. 

In August 2020, we launched an additional pathway rooted in our core values to Be Best for the World with a different model for scheduling, teaching, and learning.

This pathway is JIS Studio.

What is JIS Studio?

Same learning strands, same report cards, reached in a different way.

Students in JIS Studio will be assessed on the same learning strands as all other students in Middle School. Through a condensed schedule of English, Social Studies, Math, and Science, JIS Studio reimagines how time is used in the MS school day.

Cohort projects that integrate content areas in meaningful ways.

Similar to businesses or other team-based organizations, Studio cohorts work together to tackle problems that are complex and authentic. Our clients may be Jakarta-based startups, NGOs, or even segments of our own community. The problems we solve matter to those who need them solved, and we use knowledge and skills from all content areas to achieve this.

Personalized learning through upskilling on a Just-in-Time basis.

We believe that students have the ability to impact their world - not only in the future - but also right now. When students know that the knowledge and skills they study in the morning will be applied to a real problem we are solving that afternoon, they are better able to connect the dots, they are more engaged, and they crave more.




Would you recommend JIS Studio to a friend?


I think it is a great opportunity to just get out there and try it. Studio helped me a lot as it is easier to see my learning. It gave me a chance to be a part of a small community and it's a lot of fun.

Vivian, Grade 8 2023 Cohort

Kirana Ratomo

Yes definitely. JIS Studio is probably the best program I have ever signed up for. It really encourages you to pursue your passions and show your character during class. I also learned much more about myself.

Kirana, Grade 7 2020 Cohort

Anna Sennelius

Yes I would because JIS Studio is a class where people can come to strengthen their skills and to challenge themselves (just as I have with my poetry and my passion project) with their choice of learning. I feel like JIS Studio lets students be more independent and it allows students to learn what they want during their autonomous times. I would also recommend it because JIS Studio is a lot of fun!

Anna, Grade 7 2020 Cohort

Sabine Mear

I already have because JIS Studio has been a life saver for me, it's been helping me deal with the stress of other classes, what I mean is compared to my other classes, studio is a lot more personal and fun.

Sabine, Grade 7 2020 Cohort

Finneas Choo

“I definitely would. Besides being a totally unique and effective style of teaching, the community that has been built is just amazing. I think the autonomy is a very important part of JIS Studio but all the group projects really helped me grow my social skills.

Finneas, Grade 7 2020 Cohort

What We Believe

Two JIS Middle School students is designing robot

The JIS Studio schedule allows for opportunities to study beyond the walls of JIS. In Academic Year 2022/2023, Studio trips have taken students to YUM Organic Farm near Bogor, to an animal rehabilitation center run by Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN), and to a modern art museum in Central Jakarta.

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Our Values

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JIS Studio Projects

JIS Studio projects are designed for students to tackle authentic problems that live beyond the classroom walls. Some projects will require students to work with a client, while others will ask students to use the design thinking process to create sustainable solutions that improve the lives of those around us.

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Founded on Educational Research

JIS Studio is based on the research-backed approach of strengths and interest-based, experiential learning. We know that “learning endures when students are emotionally, psychologically, and intellectually engaged and when they feel safe, seen, and supported. Students who build on strengths rather than focusing on deficits end up with deeper and more enduring learning.” (Lopez and Louis).

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Is JIS Studio the right fit for your child? 

If it sounds like it is, or if you aren't sure and want to learn more, let us know! We would be happy to chat and share more information with you about the JIS Studio program. 

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