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JIS Studio Projects

JIS Studio projects are designed for students to tackle authentic problems that live beyond the classroom walls.

Some projects will require students to work with a client, while others will ask students to use the design thinking process to create sustainable solutions that improve the lives of those around us.

Grade 8 Podcast Project

Over eight weeks, twenty-one Grade 8 students set out to tackle the following question: How Do We Tell Stories That Matter? Students selected topics they were interested in pursuing, pitched those topics to their cohort members, and identified eight stories they should tell. Through deep research, multiple interviews, and countless script iterations, the Grade 8 cohort produced eight podcasts that they believe people need to hear.

Being The Voice For Animals

In this podcast, three animal-loving middle school students had interviews with three organizations (Jakarta Animal Aid Network, Cikananga Wildlife Center and HAKA) that are working to protect the magnificent Indonesian wildlife. Through these conversations, they seek to understand what they can do to help be a voice for animals. They want to thank Farwiza Farhan, Natalie Stewart, and Fanny Sinanoe for agreeing to be interviewed.  

Education in Indonesia, A Hopeful Future

The Space of Education is complicated and Confusing. In this podcast, two students explore the state of education in Indonesia and discuss how the quality of education affects the income inequality gap.

Rays of Hope

Climate change, pollution, and poverty are the topics that dominate our news headlines, but the world is making progress. For example, global poverty has seen a spectacular decline since the 1960s, and global emissions have continued to decrease by 30 percent. But These types of facts get lost quite often. So this podcast is about four different people and their stories of how they have contributed to this progress; a CNN hero, an international aid worker, a middle schooler, and an aid organization's cofounder. All of whom have had a positive impact. 

Talking about mental health is hard…but not impossible.

In this podcast, three teenagers were on a journey to have a conversation about mental health. While it required all of them to get out of their comfort zones, they were able to talk with each other, their peers, parents and trained professionals. They found that talking about mental health is hard…. but not impossible. 

Grade 7 Welcome Boxes Project

Over 8 weeks, Grade 7 students set out to tackle the following question: How do we welcome new people to our community? Students explored what it means to be welcomed, what it means to be happy, and what it means to be a community. Through interviews, student-led discussions, and teamwork, students pitched the idea of creating personalized ‘Welcome Boxes’ for the new Middle School teachers arriving to Jakarta mid-pandemic.