For your convenience, we have put together this list of frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us. Every family is unique and we will respond to your concerns to the best of our ability. If it matters to you, it matters to us.

When should I start an application? When will applications close for a given school year?

Contact the Admissions Office as soon as you think that a move to Jakarta or JIS may be in your future. You do not need to have secure plans in place to make an initial inquiry. Given that every admissions decision is based on the applicant’s personal qualifications,  as well as space availability within grade levels  and programs, we suggest that you gather your application materials early and complete your application as early as possible. 

Lanes 1 and 2: There are no application deadlines. You can apply for admission at any time. 

Lane 3: There is a fixed application deadline of March 1st and is for August enrollment only. 

When will applications no longer be processed for a given school year?

If a grade level is at full enrollment, or when a support program such as EAL has reached capacity, then an application for admission into that grade level or program can be submitted but will not be processed until space is available.

Lane 3 applications will not be processed after March 1, therefore applying early is essential.

Does the school offer admissions priority to some applicants?

JIS groups applications into three application lanes. 

Application Lane 1: JIS was established by the embassies of the US, UK, and Australia to serve the educational needs of expatriate students. For that reason, children of the foreign employees of JIS' three founding embassies have priority in Application Lane 1.

Application Lane 2:  Expatriate or host country students coming from overseas who do not yet have a school in Jakarta are in Lane 2.

Application Lane 3: Expatriate or host country students transferring from a local or international school in the Greater Jakarta area (JABODETABEK) join Lane 3.

Within these application lanes, children whose siblings are currently enrolled at JIS or whose parents are JIS alumni have priority over other applicants in the same lane.

How do I know which campus to choose for my child?

JIS has two Elementary School campuses: Pattimura Elementary (PEL) and Pondok Indah Elementary (PIE). PEL is on the site of the original JIS campus and is closer to the Sudirman Central Business District (SCBD).

PIE is part of the main JIS campus, and is adjacent to the Cilandak campus for Middle School (Grades 6 to 8) and High School (Grades 9 to 12).

Parents who are looking for a home must be aware that the location of their residence determines enrollment priority and availability of school bus services. If you are unsure of which campus is appropriate for your residence, please check with our Admissions Team.

JIS reserves the right to determine the final Elementary campus placement based on capacity.

Do I need to submit all application documents in order to be considered for admission?

Yes. An application is incomplete and will not be reviewed for admission until all required documents have been received by JIS Admissions. Always check your online applicant checklist for a list of outstanding documents.

How do I know if my application is complete?

Please view your application dashboard by logging into your JIS online application account and navigating to the Dashboard. From there, click on the applicant's name and view the list of requirements specific to this applicant. Your application is complete if all requirements have been crossed off and grayed out.

I was told that my child needs to take an entrance test. How can I prepare my child for it?

Students applying for Grade 6 to 10 take an online entrance test. This test gives us an indication of the child's understanding of grade level-appropriate English and math concepts. There is no need to study for this test.

Students whose first language is not English will also need to take an English proficiency test. Again, no preparation is required.

These tests are designed to show a student's current knowledge and proficiency. Prepping for the test could present falsely optimistic data that would negatively impact program placement and ultimately, the student's success.

What are you assessing during the Early Years Meeting and can it be conducted via Skype?

We learn so much from a personal interaction with your child. We are looking to see how he or she can engage with and benefit from our Early Years Program. It is also a great opportunity for you to share information that can help with your child’s placement, as well as ask us questions about life and learning at JIS. For this reason, the Early Years Meeting must be in person. When you have completed all other requirements, we will hold a seat for your child. You will not lose a spot if your Early Years Meeting is delayed.

Keep in mind that Early Years students should be fully toilet trained prior to the Early Years Meeting.

How can we meet with the Admissions Team?

It is always our pleasure to meet with prospective JIS families. Our Admissions Specialists can answer your questions on the admissions process, timeline, and requirements. Please email or phone the Admissions Office to schedule an appointment with an Admissions Specialist.

Can we meet with a principal, teacher, or counselor during our visit to the school?

A meeting with faculty or administrator outside of the Admissions Office is not part of the application process. Our Admissions Team will respond to your concerns and will liaise with teachers, principals, or counselors if required.

How can I reapply after a previous denial or cancellation of an application?

Please email admissions@jisedu.or.id and an Admissions Specialist will give you instructions specific to your previous application.