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Every student is encouraged to join clubs, organizations, teams, and groups to follow their passions, try new things, and further develop their learning at JIS. 

Students have the choice to engage in clubs and activities that further enhance their learning journey at JIS, from TEDxJIS and student leadership to Service Learning and co-curricular programs.

Each is designed to not only challenge students to be Best for the World but to also foster respect, a spirit of collaboration, inclusivity, and confidence. 

At JIS, there is every opportunity for our students to be exposed to new experiences and to follow their passions. 

JIS Academy & Community Sports

For students, and parents, looking to take part in extra fun, many additional activities can be found through JIS Academy and Community Sports.

These programs were established with the aim of offering quality, high interest academic, fitness, creative and sports activities beyond the normal Jakarta Intercultural School curriculum and ASAs in order to better serve our community.

These activities are run by both expatriate and local instructors and coaches who have specialized knowledge in their field and, therefore, carry a separate fee per program.

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Student Leadership

While all students at JIS develop a sense of responsibility and leadership throughout their school day, leadership opportunities do become more formalized as they get older. JIS students are encouraged to be involved in as many activities as they can, to always challenge themselves, and seek opportunities to be leaders.

Student leadership can happen through organizing events on the Middle School's Bali Stage to running for a spot in the Central Student Council in High School. At JIS, we know how important it is for students to learn how they can be leaders for tomorrow.

JIS high school students accompany congresswoman Pramila Jayapal when she visit JIS

After School Activities

Most JIS students stay on campus and participate in one of the many activities that happen at school. After-School Activities (ASA) at JIS are geared toward promoting socialization, confidence, life skills, teamwork, strategic thinking, social service, and fun.

Students from Elementary School to High School have the opportunity to take part in an ASA. These activities are age appropriate and can range from joining a recreational soccer league and learning a new instrument to being on the Environmental Stewardship Council and representing the school on the IASAS debate stage.

Here are some examples of what After School Activities may look like at each division.

One of the best ways for our High School students to get involved in the JIS community is to join or start a club. Starting a club offers leadership experience, opportunities to explore passions and interests further, and a way to have a lot of fun!