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At JIS, we encourage the creation, appreciation, and understanding of both Performing and Visual Arts.

Whether working with a canvas, behind a camera, or on a stage, the arts program at JIS is designed to help students express themselves creatively, learn about the world around them, and build their confidence. 

We seek to nurture a vibrant arts community across our campuses and divisions, foster artistic excellence, and provide a platform for powerful shared experiences that inspire a creative exchange of ideas in order to be Best for the World.

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Performing Arts

Performing arts are a fun and meaningful way for every student to learn how to express themselves.



We like to say that sometimes, JIS students just gotta dance! While incredibly fun, dance is a serious, independent discipline with special characteristics fostering many kinds of learning. Dance classes at JIS teach the values and skills of creativity, problem solving, risk taking, higher-order thinking skills and making good judgments.

These skills are presented on JIS stages throughout the school from Early Years and Elementary assemblies to IASAS Cultural Convention exchanges in the High School.


JIS students explore theatrical arts in several fulfilling ways. Our theater classes and the shows staged throughout the school are an important means of stimulating creativity in problem solving and an outlet for emotions and dreams.

Every year we see productions put on at JIS by our Elementary, Middle, and High School theater departments. Select High School students will also perform as part of the IASAS Cultural Convention exchanges and may choose to earn an International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma in theater. 


In Early Years and Elementary School, students experiment with musical instruments as they explore elements such as pitch, volume, and timbre in a fun environment.

Some of our elementary students may join the gamelan club, where they become part of an intricate percussive orchestra that is traditional to Java. That is a truly unique learning experience that can only be found in Indonesia!

All of our students get a base for further development in Middle School where students can select from band, strings and vocal classes while also participating in concerts throughout the year. In High School the music program broadens with more choices, including taking part in IASAS Cultural Convention exchanges.

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Visual Arts

Students at every division, from the Early Years to the High School, learn visual arts in a variety of ways.


Visual Arts

At JIS, students learn drawing, painting and sculpture, as well as design in jewelry, pottery, weaving, fabrics, graphics, and home furnishings. It’s not uncommon to see students around campus with a camera or sketchbook, capturing one of the many beautiful aspects of our school. Students can also take courses in photography, video, film, design and computer art.

Students not only learn how to create, but also how to criticize, evaluate, and appreciate art in all of its different mediums.

Design and Technology 

As students get older, in both the JIS Middle and High School, design technology is literally a hands-on course. The aim is to produce literacy in design and related technologies while students learn how to use tools to create. It involves problem solving and designing in a practical context for the modern world.

Design technology students design and create in workshops and develop informed knowledge about technology in general. In keeping with our mission to be “best for the world,” student projects will focus on global environmental issues and how to create for good.