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We are part of IASAS

Jakarta Intercultural School is one of six member schools of the Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asia Schools (IASAS).

This is a premier association that fosters international exchange between students in athletics, arts, and service. 

What is IASAS? 

Six schools make up the IASAS conference: Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS), Singapore American School (SAS), International School of Bangkok (ISB), International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL), International School of Manila (ISM), and Taipei American School (TAS). Through participation in IASAS, our students travel internationally to tournaments, exchanges, and competitions throughout the year, hosted by different member schools. Every year JIS hosts multiple athletic and cultural exchanges. 

History of IASAS

IASAS was officially created and had its inaugural exchanges in the fall of 1982. The seeds of the organization, however, were planted long before that with sports competitions that were arranged between international schools in the Southeast Asia region. The very first year that IASAS was held it included both athletic and cultural exchange components.

Our participation in this conference has not only provided incredible opportunities for our students, but also provides a professional network for our leadership, faculty, and staff to grow their knowledge and skills. There are no other conferences that compare to IASAS in Southeast Asia and JIS is proud to represent Jakarta and Indonesia on this global stage. 

IASAS Events and Competitions  

The six IASAS schools take turns hosting events throughout the year. Students will practice, prepare, and train for IASAS competition in the weeks and months leading up to the exchanges. For many students, representing JIS at IASAS is the highlight and culmination of their participation in extracurricular activities.