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Service Clubs

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Service Clubs

If there is one word that defines the student experience at Jakarta Intercultural School, it would be service.

Students at every division are given opportunities to engage in service through service learning embedded in the JIS curriculum.

Students are encouraged to be involved in additional service opportunities through our service learning program. 

The program serves to provide opportunities for students to become stewards of the environment, to develop a relationship with Indonesia, to show compassion and empathy, to appreciate cultural diversity, and to be courageous. 

JIS has a collective commitment to addressing issues of global citizenship, environmental sustainability, and intercultural learning and for providing opportunities for service learning and engagement with Indonesia, organizations and schools around the world.

CIS-WASC Accreditation Evaluation Report 2021

Service Learning at Jakarta Intercultural School

From a very early age, JIS students are exposed to the values and direct impacts of compassion, empathy and community services on the immediate world around us.

We believe Service Learning should be part of the student learning experience through classes as well as on-campus and off-campus activities. Many opportunities exist for students to become involved in Service Learning through clubs and scheduled trips.

Service opportunities range from collaborating with groups in Jakarta, to greater Indonesia, and to other countries. As students get older, service opportunities expand in both scope and distance from campus.  

JIS Student Service Learning Initiatives

Students are encouraged to take on a variety of different activities and to invest their efforts and passions into giving back to the community in which we live in. Jakarta presents several opportunities for students to work with local groups.