Athletics/sports are an important focus at JIS as they promote team building, goal sharing and provide students an outlet for their energy and passion.  Below is a small glimpse into our dynamic programs.


Elementary School Smart Start Fitness

Smart Start

Studies show that after exercise your brain is more receptive to learning. Smart Start at the JIS elementary schools was born out of the idea that students who participate in physical activity first thing in the morning show improved cognitive skills, concentration and enhanced ability to function in the classroom. The Start Smart initiative develops resilience through value-driven healthy choices and wise decisions to achieve physical, intellectual and emotional harmony in our young learners.

Weber Classic Athletics Competition

The Weber Classic

Sport and physical activity programs outside the Middle School curriculum provide many positive benefits for students. The programs convey positive attitudes with regard to participation, sportsmanship, responsibility, fitness and teamwork. The Middle School athletics program provides meaningful and comprehensive educational experiences for all students wishing to participate in sport. One highlight of the program is the annual Weber Classic Track and Field Invitational, which brings hundreds of middle school students from JIS and area schools together to test their athletic skills.

IASAS Swim Meet


As a member of the Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asian Schools (IASAS), JIS participates in a range of academic, cultural and athletic events and competitions for high school students. The IASAS athletic program consists of three ‘seasons’ with specific sports in each one:

  • 1st Season: Cross-Country, Soccer and Volleyball
  • 2nd Season: Basketball, Rugby/Touch, Swimming and Tennis
  • 3rd Season: Badminton, Baseball, Softball, Track & Field, Golf

There is a rotation among all six schools that has each one hosting one or more of the above sports every school year. Hosting or as a guest athlete, the IASAS experience is often one of the most memorable for JIS high school students as they learn much about themselves and also about and make special bonds with students from other schools.