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We take health and safety very seriously at Jakarta Intercultural School. We know that students learn best when they are happy and healthy. The JIS Nurse’s Office plays an important role in the health and care of our students. 

JIS Nurses

The role and responsibility of the Nurse’s Office are to provide professional and caring support to all students, faculty, and staff who need medical attention while on campus. Our experienced team of nurses provides information and services on how to maintain good health.


Emergency Care Plans

If needed, during regular school hours and during after-school activities, the school will provide transportation for students to a medical center for emergency treatment after a serious accident or medical emergency.

If your child has a chronic illness or health condition that requires specific care and could result in a life-threatening medical situation, our Nurse’s Office will create an individual emergency care plan for your child. 

Care and Treatment

The JIS nurses provide medical assistance during school hours and during after-school activities. Students are treated for minor illnesses and injuries with the over the counter medication with the permission of their parents. Parents are always notified when and if their child has visited the Nurse's Office. 

Health and Safety 

Each campus is staffed with trained medical professionals and is fully-equipped to meeting student-health needs.