JIS Academy

JIS Academy (JA) was established with the aim of offering quality, high interest academic, fitness, creative and sports activities beyond the normal Jakarta Intercultural School curriculum in order to better serve both students and adults. These activities are run by both expatriate and local instructors and coaches who have specialized knowledge in their field and, therefore, carry a separate fee per program.

During the academic year, the majority of our activities are open to only the JIS community due to limited space. The JIS Academy Summer Program, however, is equally open to JIS Dragons and nonmembers of the JIS community. Many of the activities featured in our summer program are inspired by Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage, enriching our beautiful campus while also sharing the diversity of our school with all JIS Academy participants. We hope that this also creates an environment that fosters new understandings and new relationships for you and your children.


After learning JIS Academy Taekwondo I feel that I have improved my strength and confidence and I feel much better to know that if I am in a threatening situation I can probably use taekwondo skills for self – defense.

Grade 3

I enjoy Manga class because I really like drawing and I learn how to draw anime characters in this class. When I grow up, I want to be an artist.

Grade 5

JIS Academy Graphic Design class is really fun. We get to design and make our own T-shirts, pin, etc. I am happy my mom registered me for this class.

Grade 7

I love upcycled art. This class is my favorite and the best class I’ve ever been to. I will join this class again next semester.

Grade 2

I wanted to learn how to make things with different materials, which is why I joined JIS Academy class. At first, I thought it was hard and then it became much easier because I am learning new things. I like the different variety of projects I made.

Grade 4

I now like coding more than I did before. I have learnt a lot in this class and know how to use all the tools now. Even though the app is more complex than scratch jr that I learnt when I was a little, it has been a fun experience and I am so proud of myself that I went really far.

Grade 5




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