6 Steps to JIS Admission

Step One: Contact the Admissions Office  

We welcome your questions and want to help you explore JIS as a learning-focused school for your child. Contact us to discuss your family's plans and your child's educational needs as soon as you think a move to Jakarta may be possible. We can help you draw up a realistic timeline for application as well as inform you of documents you may need to prepare in advance of your application.  

Step Two: Make an on-line or on-campus visit to JIS
Nothing compares with seeing a school in action and observing its learning culture up close. However, we realize that personal visits to Jakarta aren't always practical or possible. If you can't visit JIS before applying, we hope that the JIS website is able to show you a microcosm introduction to our school. Please feel free to contact the Admissions Office with any unanswered questions. If you do visit Jakarta while considering work and schools for your child, campus visits and tours can be arranged through the Admissions Office. 

Step Three: Complete and Submit an online application form.

All applications must be lodged through our online application system, which you can access here .

Before starting your application, please take note of the following required documents:

☐ A copy of the photo page of your child's passport and both parent's passport 
☐ A copy of your child's and both parents' valid KITAS or DINAS (Indonesian temporary residency permits); or a letter from your sponsoring organization stating that your family's KITAS is in process
☐ A copy of your child's most recent report card
☐ At least 3 years of prior school reports
☐ For students applying for Grades 10 to 12, official or unofficial copy of transcript of grades
☐ For students who have Identified Learning or Support Needs, copies of reports/results of specialist language and learning support services dated within the last 3 years
☐ A Confidential Letter of Reference from a current academic subject teacher.  The letter must be emailed directly to JIS Admissions by the teacher and should be dated within 6 months of your child's first day of school. 
Once you begin your online application, you will receive an invoice for the application fee. Click here to view the application fee page.

For your application to be considered complete, you must submit all requirements listed on your child’s individual applicant checklist. Only complete applications will continue on to the next steps,  Testing and/or Interview, and the Admissions Review.

JIS receives a large number of applications every month. We suggest that if you believe you have completed all your requirements, send us an email to confirm completion. 

Step Four: Testing and Interview 

Students enter JIS from many different countries with widely varying educational systems. Age, previous school records, evaluative testing, an interview and a review of all pertinent records are used to ensure that students are placed in appropriate grade levels. 

All applicants from Early Childhood I to Grade 12 must go through an admissions screening and/or evaluations process that assess skills in English language, reading, mathematics, and writing.
Students applying for Grades 6 through 10 will take an Online Placement Instrument Test (OPI). Under approved conditions, this test can be taken at the student’s current school. If the student has not taken the test prior to arrival in Jakarta, it will be scheduled for his/her first visit to JIS, but this will delay an Admissions decision until after testing is complete. Please contact the Admissions Office to arrange for a student to take the OPI prior to arrival in Jakarta.  

Students in EC 1, EC 2 and Kindergarten
will meet with our Admissions Reviewer prior to their start date and will be assessed throughout their school year. 

Students in Grades 1-5
will have their completed applications reviewed by the Admissions Office. In some cases, testing may be required. 

Students applying for Gr 6 through 11, for whom English is not their first language
may be required to take a test for English Language proficiency. This can only be conducted at the Admissions Office. Students applying for Gr 9 onwards may be asked to meet with our Admissions committee as part of the English proficiency screening. 

Step Five:  Admissions Review

When an applicant has completely filled out the application form, submitted all required documents and completed tests and/or interviews, his or her application will be reviewed by our Admissions Reviewer or Admissions Committee. We will let you know when your child's application has moved to this step.

Reviewing an application takes time as we are careful to get to know your child’s strengths, challenges and dispositions.  When school is in session, the expected process time for initial evaluation is at least 5 working days from the date of notification.  These times may be extended if an applicant’s history indicates identified learning needs, English as an additional language support, or other identified support needs.  

When school is not in session, we will let you know the  expected process time for initial evaluation.  Note that process time is counted from the day an application is completed, not on the day than an application is started.      

Step Six: Notification of Application Results
In general you can expect to receive an admissions decision within the following time frames:

    • First Semester Applicants - admission decisions commence on March 15 
    • Second Semester Applicants - admission decisions commence on November 15
    • Mid Semester applications - admission decisions are usually communicated at least 5 working days after an application is complete, all requirements submitted and testing/interviews completed. Students with identified learning or language needs will be notified of the expected timeframe, usually at least 10 working days.

      Offer of Placement
      If your child meets all Admissions criteria, and there are seats available in the grade level and program for which your child is applying, you will receive a formal Letter of Offer from the Head of Admissions and can begin to anticipate a positive transition into the JIS Community. You will need to respond to the Letter of Offer within 14 days in order to confirm your child’s seat at JIS. Unconfirmed offers will be allocated to candidates in our waitpool.

      Once you have accepted our offer of admission, you will receive a checklist outlining your steps for enrollment as well as a tuition invoice that outlines all associated costs of enrollment. Enrollment is the final process in your child's admission to JIS. You must complete all Enrollment Requirements before your child can start attending classes.
Wait Pool
An applicant who meets admissions requirements but is applying for enrollment in a grade level or program that is full will join the wait pool for that particular school year. An applicant’s position in the wait pool may change if there are subsequent applicants who have siblings currently enrolled at JIS, are children of JIS alumni or are children of employees of the Embassies of the United States, Australia or United Kingdom (JIS’s three founding embassies). If a seat becomes available, parents are notified and receive an offer of placement as outlined in the previous section.  

An applicant may be denied admission when there are concerns about academic, social or emotional stability, when English language proficiency is not commensurate with the grade level of application, or when JIS is unable to offer a program to adequately meet an individual student’s learning needs.  

Further Evaluation Required
If it is determined that there is insufficient evidence to make a firm accept/deny decision, you will receive written notification from the Admissions Office outlining the additional information required as well as an expected timeline for the process. This may involve additional interviews or evaluation with our school specialists, or contact with the students’ current school.

Contact Us

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