Terms & Conditions

All families seeking to enroll at Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) must agree to the the following policies.

 Updated 27/03/2017


Child Wellness Covenant and Child Safeguarding Policy


Jakarta Intercultural School has an institutional responsibility to protect children. In this role we need to ensure that all children in our care are afforded a safe and secure environment in which to grow and develop, no matter what cultural background they come from. JIS endorses the United Nations' Convention on the Rights of the Child, of which our host country, Indonesia, is a signatory.

Upon enrolment, parents and students will be provided with the complete Child Safeguarding Policy. Below is the Child Wellness Covenant by which all JIS parents / guardians are expected to abide as members of our community.

JIS Child Wellness Covenant

We acknowledge that by enrolling our children at JIS, we understand the values embedded in the school’s mission and learning dispositions. We also recognize the importance of these values in the education of our children, and agree to reinforce these values at home.

I / We undertake to:

  • Support the school’s Child Safeguarding Policy and guidelines on behavior and equal opportunities.
  • Be present in Jakarta, and if we must leave, arrange a temporary guardian for our child/children, and inform the school of those arrangements, including emergency contact information, through a signed Parent Absence Notification form. This temporary guardian must be able to serve in the capacity of in loco parentis, with full authority to make parental decisions to ensure appropriate supervision and to respond to a medical emergency.
  • Share in the responsibility to bring forth information that supports JIS’s Child Safeguarding Policy.


Academics and Behavior Policies

JIS Handbooks are designed to help you understand our academic programs, support systems, faculty contacts, expectations, and opportunities.  Academics and behavior policies are detailed within these handbooks.  Families who have been admitted to JIS will receive a copy of the handbook for their child's division.  If you would like to request a copy in advance, please email admissions@jisedu.or.id

Drug Use Policy (Grades 6 - 12)

As part of Jakarta Intercultural School’s preventative Drug Policy, parents/guardians are required to sign this form at the time of enrollment. Jakarta Intercultural School operates a random drug testing program in the High School and Middle School whereby students are tested by using a urine analysis sample and/or a hair testing sample. If a student is found positive on a drug test the consequences are as follows:

First Offense
  1. Parent-student-administrator/counselor conference at school.
  2. Minimum 4 day suspension
  3. 6 sessions of counseling by an approved non-school counselor. Return to school contingent upon receiving documentation of student having attended first session.
  4. Placed on regular drug testing program
Second Offense: Expulsion


Parents should also note the disciplinary code regarding drug use in a non-drug test situation Any student found to be in possession of, taking, being under the influence, buying, selling, giving, trafficking, aiding or abetting the propagation of narcotics, stimulants, barbiturates, suppressants, hallucinogenic substances, inhalants or marijuana.

Insurance Policy


JIS does not provide, and therefore is not obliged to provide any medical and non-medical coverage for any persons (students or non-students) for injuries or accidents during curricular, co-curricular or extracurricular activities on campus, off-campus locally and off-campus abroad. This also applies to JIS students, JIS parents and volunteers, non-JIS students and non-JIS parents who participate in any JIS event on or off campus.

Parents are required to procure suitable personal health, medical and travel insurance along with any other type of insurance that they may deem necessary, for their child(ren) and themselves before enrolling at JIS.

Liability Release and Waiver Agreement


I understand that Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) rules and regulations will be in effect and that safety precautions will be taken, but I also understand that the JIS as Foundation, organs of the Foundation, school or any individual employed by JIS cannot be held responsible for events or accidents that occur or may occur. In the event of an injury or accident involving my child, I understand that I will be informed as soon as possible. If I am unable to be contacted, I authorize the representatives of JIS to act on my behalf in a medical emergency involving my child, and I will bear all costs spent for such occasion except for the costs that the school explicitly covers.

In the event of a medical emergency, the cost of getting my child to the nearest center of medical care to stabilize his/her condition will be borne by the school. All other medical costs will be my responsibility as the parent or legal guardian.

I agree to pay all costs, charges and expenses incurred in relation to providing this medical care along with other associated costs. I hereby release JIS and JIS representatives from responsibility for all costs and expenses, and I also agree to assume any liability arising from their decision on my behalf. In this regard, I will not bring any suit or assert any claim or initiate criminal proceedings against JIS or JIS representatives as a result of any actions taken to attend my child/ren or as a result of the incidents involving my child/ren.

I have read and agree to these conditions as outlined in this document.


Sharing and Privacy Policy

JIS is committed to the security and privacy of our students, faculty, staff and parents. As such, we will not share your contact information with outside parties under any circumstances. We may access your contact information or demographic information for reasons pertaining to internal JIS matters, and reserve the right to do so. For any other communications we will provide opportunities to opt-in for those families interested in receiving further communications.

Students photographs, images, quotations, and work products may be used in accordance with the JIS Sharing and Privacy policy. JIS cannot be held responsible for unauthorized sharing of digital data by a member of the JIS community.

Please click here to read the full policy.  


Day Field Trip Policy


We authorize our child(ren’s) participation on all day field trips for experiential learning purposes in accordance with the conditions set out in the School’s Parental Annual Consent Form . We will be notified when such trips take place, and overnight and/or high risk trips will require physical signature of a similar form for each trip as a condition of participation.


Financial Policy


We accept that we have a duty to ensure that our financial obligations to the school are discharged promptly (even if we are sponsored by our employer). Late payment of fees will result in penalty interest and may result in the withholding of enrollment, reports, and annual transcripts. Failure to respond to requests for settlement of late fees may result in my child(ren) being suspended from school.

Refund Policy


Refunds for a semester’s tuition and bus fees will be granted according to the following guidelines:

First Semester

Enrolled students who attend 0 to 5 days of school and withdraw by August 31 will receive a full refund of the semester’s tuition and bus fees. No refunds will be given to students who submit a withdrawal notice after August 31. Attendance of 6 days or more, at any time in the semester, will constitute attendance for the full semester and will not be entitled to a refund.

Second Semester

Enrolled students who attend 0 to 5 days of school days of school and withdraw by January 31 will receive a full refund of the semester’s tuition and bus fees. No refunds will be given to students who submit a withdrawal notice after January 31, nor to a student who attends 6 days or more of school. Attendance of 6 days or more, at any time in the semester, will constitute attendance for the full semester and will not be entitled to a refund.

Refunds that remain unclaimed four years from the date of entitlement will be transferred to the JIS Operating Fund.

If a student will be temporarily withdrawn from JIS for at least one semester, the parents/guardian should contact the Admissions Office to discuss their options.

Indonesian Ministry of Education Requirements


The MOE requires all students and their parent/s to agree to the following statements:

Non-Indonesian Students: Guarantee of Non-Employment:  "Herewith I confirm that during the above-named student's stay in Indonesia as an enrolled student, he/she will not work nor conduct business in Indonesia and that he/she will comply with Indonesian laws and regulations".

Indonesian Students :  Guarantee to Enroll in Mandated Classes:  "I confirm that during my/my child’s enrollment at Jakarta Intercultural School, in compliance with the Ministry of Education’s requirements for Indonesian citizens,  and with Jakarta Intercultural School’s graduation requirements for Indonesian students, I/my child will enroll  in the three courses mandated for Indonesian citizens, namely:   Bahasa Indonesia, PPKn (Civics) and Religion".