Languages at JIS

Celebrating Indonesia Week at Pondok Indah Elementary with batik and Bahasa Indonesia
Language connects us to each other and helps us define and understand culture. Your language and voice will add to our diversity and community at JIS.

Do you hear what we hear?

As you wander around the school on any given morning, you will hear the Indonesian greeting, Selamat Pagi, spoken between students, faculty and our Indonesian Host Country Staff. In classrooms, instruction is in English but learning and connecting are in many languages. While we have much yet to understand and implement in this area, we support a multilingual community that respects and celebrates the cultures, contributions, Mother Tongues and perspectives of our families from over 60 nationalities. 

English as an Additional Language

Related to curricula, JIS sets challenging expectations for all learners and then helps support the journey for students who are learning English while they learn everything else. We are committed to developing each students' proficiency in English, our language of instruction, in the most integrated, natural and supportive settings possible. 


Listen to our students express how Language support impacts their learning.


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Language in Action

In 2010, PEL students assembled backpacks which student Ambassadors distributed to young earthquake survivors in Padang, Sumatra. The backpacks included simple English readers that students had translated by hand into Bahasa Indonesia. In this way, PEL learners used the gift of language to build bridges with new friends in need.