JIS Peduli

What is JIS Peduli?

JIS Peduli is the school-wide service arm of JIS.  It was the devastation wrought by the Asian Tsunami in 2004 that provided the impetus for what came to be called JIS Peduli.  JIS Peduli builds on all that is good about JIS. It acknowledges a 60 year history of giving, as well as the JIS community’s efforts to help the people of Indonesia during this time. 


We are strengthening our ties to Indonesia through service.


We will serve communities and the environment in times of need to restore dignity, equanimity and harmony.


We value compassion, humility, tolerance, social justice and sustainable solutions. 

Strengthening ties with Indonesia through Service

Community Projects and Engagement
Involve the JIS community including students, faculty, administration and parents in service and service learning through local orphanages, schools, environmental groups, yayasans and NGO's.  To provide start-up funding for community projects that meet specific criteria.

Leadership and Organizational Support

Providing logistical and financial support for service engagement through processes and protocols, modeling good philanthropic practices.

Disaster Relief
Coordinating JIS’s response to major disasters in Indonesia.

Facilitate the flow of information and help to effectively promote and celebrate service at JIS.

Likewise, as a part of the JIS community, JIS Peduli will:

  • Uphold the values and policies set by JIS at all times
  • Ensure effective communication, transparency and sharing of information amongst all service learning activities and clubs


JIS Peduli provides organizational support for the entire JIS community and is there to respond to disasters.
JIS Peduli provides organizational support for the entire JIS community and is there to coordinate our response to disasters.

JIS Peduli Annual Reports

Check out all of the community service and service learning projects that have been funded by JIS Peduli in our annual report

JIS Peduli Ann Rpt Bahasa 2014-15.pdf  
JIS Peduli Ann Rpt English 2014-15.pdf

JIS Peduli Annual Report 2013-14.pdf

JIS Peduli Annual Report 2012-13.pdf