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Dragons and the Gothia Cup 2019  

Over the summer break on July 14-20, former and current JIS students participated in the 2019 Gothia Cup (World Youth Cup) soccer tournament in Sweden along with some 1,700 teams from 80 countries. Our Dragons had a great time both on and off the pitch, thanks in no small part to the JIS parents who helped make the trip an unforgettable experience!

JIS| Aug 15-2019

JIS partnership with SMAN 74  

We are thrilled to announce a partnership program between JIS and SMAN 74 state high school, which was recently sealed with a memorandum of understanding signed by JIS Head of School Dr. Tarek Razik Ed.D and SMAN 74 Principal Drs. Farid Wahidin.

JIS| Aug 12-2019

Welcome, new JIS teachers!  

More than 35 newest members of our faculty have arrived and are currently getting to know their colleagues as well as the JIS campuses in their ongoing orientation week. This comprehensive introduction to the Dragon Community also gives them the chance to meet with school leaders and representatives from a range of departments that greatly support JIS, from school divisions to housing. Let’s give the newest members of our community a warm Dragon welcome!

JIS| Aug 05-2019

JIS High School student will be competing in the 31st International Olympiad in Informatics  

We’re proud to share that JIS High School student Moses Mayer has earned a spot on the national team participating in the 31st International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), IOI 2019 Azerbaijan held on Aug. 4-11 in Baku, Azerbaijan. The team will comprise:
1. Abdul Malik Nurrokhman (SMA BBS Semesta Semarang)
2. Vincent Ling (SMA Pribadi Bandung)
3. R. Fausta Anugerah Dianparama (SMA Negeri 1 Yogyakarta)
4. Moses Meyer (Jakarta Intercultural School)
They will be accompanied by team leader Adi Mulyanto, M.T. (STEI ITB lecturer & TOKI Trustee); deputy team leader Brian Marshall (TOKI Alumni Association); and observer Dr. Rakhmat Rahmawan, S. Spd. MM from the Directorate General for High School Development Ministry of Education and Culture (Direktorat PSMA).

JIS| Aug 02-2019

High School Careers Day  

High School Careers Day 2019 was once again a great success thanks to the professionals representing diplomatic affairs, marketing & public relations, entrepreneurship, journalism, the creative arts and more who joined us at the Cilandak campus to speak about their chosen field.

JIS| Jul 03-2019

Annual JIS PTA Golf Tournament  

The annual JIS PTA Golf Tournament held at the Jagorawi Golf and Country Club on Sunday saw 120 golfers from the Dragon community — comprising High School students, parents, teachers, alumni, and even members of the Varsity Golf team and their coach — tee off against each other in a friendly competition.

JIS| Apr 11-2019

JIS Collaborates with TGUPP and Jakarta Education Agency  

JIS was delighted to welcome officials from DKI Jakarta Governor’s Team for Accelerated Development (TGUPP) and Jakarta Education Agency including Totok Amin Sofiejanto Ed.D to discuss the various ways we could work and expand together for Innovative Schools Programme and state school principals professional development.

JIS| Mar 25-2019

Celebrating the JIS Bhinneka Tunggal Ika Scholarship  

The JIS scholarship committee is delighted to announce the continued success of the Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (BTI) program as it moves into its second year!

JIS| Feb 20-2019

First Annual Educators Conference of the Innovative Schools Programme  

Following the success of the Innovative Schools Programme (ISP), the Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS) with Emmanuel Foundation, the Jakarta Education Agency, Mentari Intercultural School Jakarta, and member schools of the Association of National and Private Schools (ANPS) held the First Annual Educators Conference of the Innovative Schools Programme at JIS, with the theme Keep Learning Alive! The conference was attended by the Director General of GTK of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Supriano, M.Ed.

JIS| Feb 11-2019

JIS Stitch It!  

JIS Stitch It! is an annual service learning project run and organized by our Early Years students, teachers and parents at the JIS Pattimura (PEL) campus. It aims to raise funds for children’s education while giving PEL families the chance to create personalized gifts or label their belongings. This year, the event took place on November 12-23 and raised more than Rp 58 million ($4,118). The proceeds will support the schooling of 19 underprivileged children through JIS Peduli.

JIS| Jan 16-2019

JIS Second Blood Drive  

The year-end holiday season is here! Which means it’s the perfect time to give back to our community.

JIS| Dec 03-2018

Central Sulawesi Relief Efforts  

JIS Head of School Dr. Tarek Razik met with the Ministry of Education and Culture's Director General of Early Childhood and Community Education, Harris Iskandar, on Nov. 19 to discuss the various ways JIS can help early years schools in Lombok and Palu reopen their doors after the recent natural disasters. Monday's meeting is part of JIS' wider efforts to make real, long-lasting contributions to our host country's education sector.

JIS| Nov 26-2018

Building Homes, Building Lives  

Nine dedicated JIS High School students and two chaperones Cicilya Damayanti & Richard Miller helped put a roof over one family in Sentul, Bogor. This was the first Habitat for Humanity Indonesia builds this year, which focused on wall construction.

JIS| Nov 12-2018

JIS Peduli and Crossfit6221 Fundraise For Tsunami Relief  

Thanks to CrossFit 6221, the JIS community worked up quite a sweat on Saturday, Nov. 4 — all in the name of charity and to raise funds for JIS Peduli!

More than 250 participants comprising JIS dragons, fitness enthusiasts, boot campers and personal trainers joined the event, which managed to raise more than Rp 200 million for relief efforts in Palu, Donggala regency, Central Sulawesi and Mamuju, West Sulawesi.

JIS| Nov 06-2018

Elementary School Uniting Nations Week  

Our Elementary School students have reached the end of Uniting Nations Week, and based on their enthusiastic response to the event, it’s safe to say that they had a wonderful experience! Uniting Nations Week saw JIS Dragons representing some 70 countries come together in a celebration of peace and unity.

JIS| Oct 29-2018

JIS Student Won Gold Medals in West Java Regional Sports Week  

We are very proud to introduce to you JIS High School student Taruli Tambunan, who is also a gymnast for the Indonesian Gymnastics Association in Bogor, West Java. She recently won not one but two gold medals in the XIII Regional Sports Week (PORDA) West Java Artistic Gymnastics competition for the beam and team. She scored second highest for All Around.

JIS| Oct 19-2018

Apple Distinguished School Award  

We’re proud to announce that JIS has once again met the requirements of being an Apple Distinguished School, a title presented to only 400 schools in 29 countries — and only two in Indonesia. Apple Southeast Asia Education Development Executive Robert Appino visited our school to present the two-year (2018-2020) designation to JIS Head of School Dr. Tarek Razik and High School Technology Specialist Matthew Schafer, officially placing JIS among the most innovative schools in the world.

JIS| Oct 19-2018

Bus Safety Practice  

The Transportation Office recently conducted a bus safety practice drill for bus drivers and chaperones.

JIS| Oct 19-2018

Student Bus Safety Drill  

Tarek Razik, Head of School, conducts a Student Bus Safety Drill at the Cilandak Campus

JIS| Sep 28-2018

JIS Inaugurates the Early Years Center  

The inauguration of JIS' new Early Years Center was a great success! We'd like to thank Ir. Harris Iskandar, Ph.D from the Ministry of Education and Culture for attending the event and celebrating the joyful moment with us.

JIS| Sep 25-2018

JIS 67th Birthday  

| Sep 19-2018

JIS Students Win Now Jakarta Award  

Scotty Graham, High School teacher, with two of his students after they received Now Jakarta magazine awards in photography at a ceremony in Central Jakarta.

JIS| Sep 15-2018

JIS signed the cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Manpower's Politeknik Ketenagakerjaan.  

JIS is excited to be joining hands with the Ministry of Manpower's Politeknik Ketenagakerjaan, a university dedicated to human resources management. JIS Head of School Dr. Tarek Razik signed the cooperation agreement on the first anniversary of the institution, which was also attended by representatives of the Gadjah Mada University's (UGM) Vocational School, the Workers Social Security Agency (BPJS Ketenagakerjaan), MM2100 Industrial Town, East Jakarta Industrial Park (EJIP), mining firm PT. Jhonlin Baratama and Tanri Abeng University. The event also featured a series of public lectures conducted by Manpower Minister Hanif Dhakiri.

JIS| Sep 07-2018

Service Council and Grade 9 Students Planting Mangroves  

The Service Council and Grade 9 students went on the first service trip of the year to plant mangroves with IMARF (Indonesia mangroves).

JIS| Aug 31-2018

Indonesia's 73rd Independence Day  

The Independence Day spirit continued all throughout this week at JIS as we celebrated Indonesia's 73rd birthday with more fun-filled activities! Students, teachers, and staff members got together in the spirit of Bhinekka Tunggal Ika Unity in Diversity to honor our host nation through songs, a flag ceremony, an eco-fashion challenge, and some exciting traditional games!

JIS| Aug 24-2018

Jakarta Education Agency Visit to JIS  

JIS was delighted to welcome officials from the Jakarta Education Agency including Dr. Muhammad Husin, Division Head of Curriculum and Assessments for Secondary School, Mrs. Suryani, MPd, Section Chief for Elementary Education & Special Education and Services, and Mrs.Westka Amalia MJP, M.Psi, Head of Research for the gifted school development project to discuss the various ways we could work and expand together.
The Jakarta Education Agency officials were received by JIS Middle School Principal Christophe Henry, High School Principal Clint Calzini and Dina Vusparatih from the Indonesia Education Program. They also took a tour of our Middle School and High School campuses, where they were introduced to a number of students and teachers.

JIS| Aug 20-2018

PIE Early Years Center Opens  

After two years of construction and one year delay due to building permit process, PIE Early Year Center has been finally completed. The project is a ‘new build’ to replace Nusa Indah building at PIE, which was 23 years old. The new facility is a self-contained building designed to nurture EY1, EY2 and EY3 grades under 1 roof. There are 2 stories with a total of 12 classrooms (6 on each floor) with a usable roof garden area on level 3. Other facilities include: art room, maker space, dance and movement, training kitchen, project space, gathering area, outdoor reading, dark space and roof top playground area.

The building also has maker’s space area which combines technology and craft. Roof garden area will be the safe green playground area for children and the ecologically designed building with vertical gardens features ecological theme. PIE EYC was designed by Burhan Tjakra, M.Arch, a graduate of UCLA with certified Greenship Professional with collaboration with Elsa Donahue, the former Principal of Elementary School and concluded by Maya Nelson, the incumbent Principal of Elementary School.

Many teachers participated in the design development, furniture selection, accessories and transition process, some of whom are Jennifer Krembs and her assistant Angga, Anne Boudreau, Jane Ross, Sarah Pickles, Barbara Carr, Regina Alcorn, Murray Hodgson, Shauna Feeney, Butch Koltai, and many others. Thank you to Facilities, IT and Risk Management Divisions for their on-going support and Dr. Tarek Razik whose support has made this project a reality.

JIS| Aug 15-2018

We Are JIS  

| Aug 02-2018

New Faculty Orientation Week  

Our newly arrived teachers are settling in, meeting new colleagues and getting to know our JIS campus throughout the ongoing New Faculty Orientation Week. This academic year, the Dragon family is also welcoming new principals and vice principals who are set to propel our school into an exciting future of bigger and better accomplishments. Let's give the newest members of our JIS community a warm Dragon welcome!

JIS| Jul 27-2018

JIS Student Wins Science Olympiade Gold!  

Congratulations to JIS' very own Moses Mayer for securing a gold medal in Computer Science during the 2018 National Science Olympiade! Moses was part of a talented team of Jakarta high school students who brought home a combined count of 19 gold medals from the annual event, which drew 1433 participants from 34 provinces across Indonesia.
The National Science Olympiad was held on July 1-7 in Padang, West Sumatra, this year and featured the country's brightest young scientists vying for the top spot in a range of subjects.
We're extremely proud of Moses for his outstanding achievement and wish him even greater success in the future!

JIS| Jul 16-2018

JIS Students Complete Service Trip to Himalayas  

JIS students recently embarked on an unforgettable service trip to Ladakh in the Indian Himalayas, where they explored the culture, history and untouched landscape of one of the world's most isolated regions. As part of the outreach program, they volunteered at health clinics in Leh under the supervision of doctors from various humanitarian organizations, while also helping out at the famed Lamdon School for children from low-income families.
Twelfth-Grade student Lianne Placer shared with us her account of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity:
"This wonderful trip allows students to interact exclusively with the environment and experience the authentic culture of Ladakh, India. In this trip, students are given the opportunity to participate with doctors from around the world at dental and eye clinics in the Lamdon School of Leh. Twelve students and three teachers spent two days on a medical service and six days trekking in Matho valley surrounded by snow-capped Himalayan peaks. At the end of the trip, students were given plenty of self-reflection time and gained knowledge on new ways to cope with extreme challenges and applying those skills in school and in the future."

JIS| Jul 16-2018

Eighth Graders Spend "Day in the High School"  

Many thanks to all those who made the annual "Day in the High School" a roaring success. The soon-to-be ninth grade students seemed to really enjoy the welcoming atmosphere on campus, engaging in conversations with Student Ambassadors, and playing fun activities throughout the day.

JIS| May 25-2018

Class of 2018 Graduates!  

The Class of 2018 graduation ceremony was held in the Fine Arts Theater on May 19, 2018. Congratulations to all our newest alumni!

- Photo by Scotty Graham

JIS| May 21-2018

Dragons at SNG 7s  

Last weekend several Dragons teams participated in the SNG 7s soccer tournament. This is the biggest youth tournament in the region. Our teams did really well and the U14 Girls and the U16 Boys ended up winning silver medals. GREAT ACHIEVEMENT !

JIS| May 03-2018

Flag-raising Ceremony on National Education Day  

Our middle school and high school students along with the faculty conducted a solemn flag-raising ceremony at Bali Stage this morning to celebrate National Education Day, also known as Hari Pendidikan Nasional (Hardiknas).

JIS| May 02-2018

From D'Toko Moms with Love  

The Middle School D'Toko moms pose with Tarek Razik, head of school (rear, center) when he came by for a visit and a taste of D'Toko cooking.

JIS| Apr 30-2018

JIS Students Place Wreath at ANZAC Ceremony  

At the ANZAC Day Dawn Service conducted at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery in Jakarta on April 25, two Pattimura elementary students placed a memorial wreath on behalf of JIS. Shown in this photo are the students with Chris McCann, JIS risk management advisor. The service was also attended by Tarek Razik, head of school, JIS faculty and JIS families. Lest We Forget.

JIS| Apr 27-2018

Boys Win Gold and Girls Silver at IASAS Badminton!  

Our High School Varsity Boys and Girls Badminton teams had an outstanding showing at the 3rd season IASAS tournament in KL. Our girls took home the silver for the second consecutive year and our boys won GOLD for the first time in school history. Thank you to all the parents, athletes, and coaches for an amazing season. (Click photo to enlarge)

JIS| Apr 20-2018

JIS Boys Win IASAS Badminton Gold!  

JIS boys badminton team makes history by winning their first ever gold medal at IASAS 2018. (Click photo to enlarge)

JIS| Apr 18-2018

JIS Hosts Awesome IASAS Baseball and Softball Tourney  

JIS had three teams earn medals at the IASAS baseball and softball tournements, three more qualify for the playoff rounds, and many individual recognitions earned by our amazing student athletes. Thank you to all the volunteers and fans that came out to support JIS as the host of IASAS baseball & softball this weekend. The energy and good vibes at the games was AWESOME! Shown here is a cool drone photo of our baseball and softball fields during the night games from this past weekend taken by one of our JIS parents. - Jake Stockman

JIS| Apr 15-2018

JIS Hosts IASAS Baseball and Softball  

JIS is hosting IASAS baseball and fast-pitch softball this weekend for the first time on our our new diamonds.

JIS| Apr 14-2018

JIS HS Students Take UNBK  

The computer-based national examination (UNBK) for High School students has started. As a multicultural learning community in Indonesia, JIS facilitates the UNBK and prepares our Indonesian students to continue their educational journey at Indonesian universities or anywhere they choose. Best of luck to all JIS students who take the exams !

| Apr 10-2018

JIS HS Indonesian Students take UNBK  

The computer-based national examination (UNBK) for High School students has started. As a multicultural learning community in Indonesia, JIS facilitates the UNBK and prepares our Indonesian students to continue their educational journey at Indonesian universitities or anywhere they choose. Best of luck to all JIS students who take the exams!

JIS| Apr 10-2018

Indonesia Week Opening Ceremony at JIS Elementary School  

Jakarta Deputy Governor Sandiaga Uno (rear, far right) officially opened JIS Elementary School Indonesia Week 2018, and was joined by Elsa Donohue, JIS Elementary School principal, (rear, far left) on the Pattimura campus. Organized by faculty and parents, the students from Early Years to Grade 5 learned about Indonesian culture in a series of activities.

JIS| Apr 07-2018

Elementary School Maker Mindset Workshop  

JIS elementary school students shared their iTime projects and their development process with educators from 15 fellow SPK schools with international curricula at the first JIS-hosted Maker Mindset Event. Tech coaches Jane Ross, Hugo Indratno, and Jay Graham designed an inspirational agenda of collaboration and learning for all who attended.

| Mar 16-2018

JIS Indonesian Scholarship Committee Visits SMP 41 Jakarta  

Dr. Tarek Razik, head of school, accompanied by the JIS Scholarship Committee, visited SMP 41, a public school in South Jakarta, to introduce "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika", the JIS premier scholarship program for Indonesia’s future leaders. The students of SMP 41 were very enthused to learn more about the program and to be best for the world together with JIS!

JIS| Mar 15-2018

JIS & GOI Sign New Land Lease Agreement  

JIS signed a fifteen-year Land Lease Agreement (with priority of extension for another fifteen years) on CIL land with LMAN (Lembaga Management Asset Negara - State's Asset Management Agency) on Wednesday, February 28, 2018.

LMAN has been appointed by the Ministry of Finance to oversee all state's assets in Indonesia, including CIL land. The last CIL land lease agreement was signed between JIS and the Directorate General of State's Revenue which was valid from 2013-2018. LMAN acknowledges the strategic value of JIS, not only its contribution in the educational sector, but also its role as one of the anchors for foreign direct investment in Indonesia, supporting the overall investment climate.

University of Indonesia research has concluded that 51% of expatriate parents whose child/children are currently at JIS would not have relocated to Indonesia if it were not because of JIS, an internationaly-recognized school. LMAN supports the idea that a long-term and affordable land lease provides long-term legal and commercial certainty to JIS so the school is able to continue its strategic partnership with the Indonesian Government.

In the photo are Dr. Tarek Razik, head of school (far left) and Phil Rickard, JIS Board of Trustees chairperson, with two GOI members following the lease signing.

JIS| Mar 06-2018

D'Toko Officially Opens  

Nick Kent, deputy head of school, Christophe Henry, middle school principal, Jusni Ridjab, head of D'Toko, Dr. Tarek Razik, head of school, Steve Clark, high school principal and Sinta Sirait, head of business development, cut the ribbon to officially open D'Toko, the middle school community store.

JIS| Mar 03-2018

JIS Launches Scholarship Program for Future Indonesian Leaders  

Dr. Tarek Razik, head of school, speaks during the launching of "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika," a new JIS scholarship program for promising Indonesian students and future leaders. For more information please email:

JIS| Mar 02-2018

Public School Visitation for JIS Indonesian Scholarship  

The representatives of five public senior and middle schools in South Jakarta, (SMA 8, SMA 3, SMA 28, SMP 115, and SMP 41), and the Head of Assessment and Curriculum for Jakarta secondary schools, Dr. Muhammad Husin, visited JIS for the upcoming program, “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika”, a Scholarship program for Indonesia’s Future Leaders. Head of school, Dr. Tarek Razik, accompanied by the JIS scholarship committee and parent were very pleased to have a great discussion and get positive feedback.

JIS| Feb 27-2018

High School Stages A Capella Fest  

This year's A Capella Fest was a big hit! (Click photo to enlarge)

JIS| Feb 22-2018

Grade 9 Habitat for Humanity Build  

JIS Students Building Homes, Building Lives

On Saturday, February 10th, 13 grade 9 Students, 1 grade 12 Build Leader, and 2 teachers traveled to Sentul for JIS' 7th Habitat for Humanity Build of the school year. It was the first build for many for of the Grade 9 students, who we hope will continue to support Habitat for Humanity throughout their time in High School.

JIS| Feb 12-2018

JIS Alums Meet Head of School in New York  

Braving the very cold temperatures, snow and freezing rain, 40+ alums showed up in New York City for a brief reunion and to meet our new head of school, Tarek Razik. The alums were super keen to promote the JIS alumni organization and support scholarships, etc.

JIS| Feb 09-2018

MS Students Present Math Projects  

Christophe Henry, middle school principal, listens as one of many grade 6 students presented their math Travel Expo projects in a presentation session on campus which was also attended by other students, faculty and parents.

- Photo by Edo Hutapea

JIS| Feb 09-2018

Open House  

| Jan 25-2018

Justice for the Innocent Chili/Rendang Cook-Off  

Dragon Strong! Cooking Strong! On Friday, Jan 19th JIS held its first ever Chili/Rendang Cook-Off at which over 40 million rupiah was raised in support of the innocent and their families. click poser to enlarge

JIS| Jan 22-2018

Head of School Meets with Jakarta Deputy Governor  

Tarek Razik, head of school, and JIS representatives visited Jakarta Deputy Governor, Sandiaga Uno (left), at the latter's office to discuss JIS's contribution, role, and mission in education. Sandiaga Uno was also accompanied by Sopan Andrianto, Jakarta Education Agency head and his team, and Susie Nurhati, Jakarta Education Agency secretary, and Kanti Herawati, Head of Primary School and Special Education Primary School Education Agency of Jakarta Province.

JIS| Jan 20-2018

Ready for the Cook-Off  

Ready for the #JusticeForTheInnocent Chili/Rendang Cook-Off

JIS| Jan 19-2018

Advanced Topics in Robotics  

Students in Mr Detwiler's Advanced Topics in Robotics class show off their remote controlled SUMO-BOTS.

JIS| Dec 19-2017

Have a Nice Break Everyone!  

A scene from the recent Holiday Concert at PEL

JIS| Dec 15-2017

PIE Festival of Lights  

The PIE Covered Area was recently transformed into an amazing display of student art.

JIS| Dec 11-2017

Thank you Sodexo  

The PIE Sodexo team, always serves our elementary community with a smile.

JIS| Dec 11-2017

Early Years Program at JIS  

| Dec 07-2017

MS Drama Dragons  

KDM and JIS student Drama Dragons have creative fun doing drama activities as part of the middle school service learning club afternoons.

JIS| Jan 01-1970

JIS and SMA 8 Jakarta School Sign MOU  

Tarek Razik, Ed.D, head of school (second from right) and Drs. Agusman Anwar, school principal of SMA 8 Jakarta (second left), sign a memorandum of understanding to mark a partnership program to improve the quality of education in Jakarta.

JIS| Nov 29-2017

PEL Presents Mulan Jr. Musical  

Pattimura Elementary recently presented the Disney musical, Mulan Jr., on stage. Shown here is the cast and crew from the show. (click photo to enlarge)

JIS| Nov 27-2017

Code *for* the world  

Kyle Grovers, a tech developer, speaks to the first ever JIS Hackathon. Created and organized by Kritin Dhoka (11th), the Hackathon brought together 14 high school students interested in applying their design and coding skills to solve real world problems for the Emmanuel Foundation social service organization.

JIS| Nov 11-2017

Pattimura Presents Festival of Nations  

Pattimura Elementary enjoyed a week of learning through cultural activities, performances, presentations and wonderful food during their Festival of Nations, held on campus.

- Photo by Metty Suprapti

JIS| Nov 10-2017

School-Wide PTA Holiday Bazaar  

The SW PTA hosted their annual holiday bazaar last weekend and it was well attended by vendors and eager shoppers.

- Photo from SW PTA

JIS| Jan 01-1970

PIE Cultural Week  

Pondok Indah elementary students perform a dance from Aceh, Indonesia, during the school's cultural week presentations and activities.

- Photo by Edo Hutapea

JIS| Jan 01-1970

IB Art Students Paint Mural for Charity  

I want to thank everyone involved for their time and incredible energy spent in the Ronald MacDonald House Charities mural design process and final Saturday filled with mural painting. From the moment we arrived at RMHC everyone worked collaboratively, positively, and constructively. I am very proud of your professionalism and commitment to turn a 6 meter wall surface into fun and vibrant scenes that will definitely create smiles for visitors who unfortunately need to stay in the center. (click photo to enlarge)

JIS| Oct 31-2017

Kita Bangun Indonesia  

12 JIS High School Students and 2 faculty chaperones Join Habitat for Humanity's 28uild. Habitat for Humanity 28uild is an annual nationwide youth build held in 4 Indonesian cities, including 200+ high school students from the Jakarta area.

JIS| Oct 29-2017

PIE Teacher Appreciation Week  

The students said thank you to their teachers and Pondok Indah staff with flowers and cards. The parents said thank you with cuisines from all over the world. This is how PIE students and parents show appreciation for dedicated, caring and hard working teachers and staff of PIE.

JIS| Oct 14-2017

Fine Arts Theater Becomes A Little Shop of Horrors  

The High School creative arts/drama department staged a rollicking production of the musical, Little Shop of Horrors, to the delight of sold out audiences. Congratulations to the cast and crew!

Jakarta| Oct 09-2017

JIS Commemorates Indonesian National Batik Day  

To commemorate Indonesian National Batik Day, Oct. 2, faculty, staff and admin that could attend gathered for a group photo in the Cilandak campus amphitheater.

| Oct 03-2017

HS Club PMU Stages Unplugged Concert  

High School club PMU held their first concert of the school year: Unplugged Live Lounge, in the Pondok Indah Melati Theater. The audience sat on cozy pillows and enjoyed music from students and faculty and invited performers as well as food and drink sold to fund raise for other service clubs.

HS Campus | Oct 02-2017

Head of School Parent Coffee  

Head of School Tarek Razik speaks to parents at one of two parent coffee mornings on the CIL and PEL campuses recently. The mornings featured Tarek and other JIS leaders speaking about enrollment patterns, finances, communications and facilities projects.

JIS Cilandak| Sep 14-2017

Learning Moment  

Learning Moment

Module G| Jun 08-2017

PLCs Run for Fun!  

Participants in the recent Professional Learning Community (PLC) Fun Run get fired up before starting off from the CIL track.

JIS Cilandak | Jun 08-2017

Learning In Indonesia  

just test

| Jun 01-2017