Our Mission
Passionate, inquisitive, and creative – learning in Indonesia to be best for the world.

Our Vision
We will inspire joyful, rigorous learning and foster wellness as a pioneering, inclusive and collaborative community.

Our Values
We value perseverance, integrity, responsibility, respect, compassion, balance and fun.


Our Dispositions
We learn by reflecting and relating, by being resourceful and resilient.






Our Strategic Direction
Impact 2020


Teaching & Learning
delivering relevant, inclusive, and coherent learning
to our diverse student population

Living & Connecting With Indonesia
maintaining the highest standards of compliance
with our governing agencies while being inspired
by Indonesian experiences

Operational Health
(Facilities, Technology, Risk Management,
Transportation, Human Resources & Finances)
ensuring organizational health through
fiscal stability and transparent operations

Communicating Our Story
maximizing our potential by shaping and
sharing the JIS story



The JIS Destiny Plan celebrates innovation and challenges everyone in our community to excel.
The Board of Trustees, faculty and staff have an overarching goal to ensure that students
continue to enjoy the globally recognized JIS experience while striving to be Best for the World.




Board of Trustees
Membership 2018-2019




Phil Rickard - Chair
Dino Vega - Vice Chair
Peggy Shaw
Alessandro Gazzini
Heather Variava
Tigor Siahaan*
Patrick Walujo*
Alison Duncan*
Yasmin Wirjawan*
Kim Yook Chan
Marcel Heilijgers


not in the picture